Warning Signs that Your Lungs are About to Give Up

People can seldom identify Lung Cancer Symptoms, in the first stage. Unlike other types of cancer, the symptoms associated with lung cancer can also be caused due to multiple common diseases which makes it hard to identify. However, Lung cancer is slowly becoming a major health hazard in metropolitans due the wide spread pollution. It is no longer restricted to smokers. The demographic of lung cancer has spread across all age groups as smokers and non-smokers are basically inhaling the same toxic air which is 10 times worse than cigarette smoke.

However there a few early signs or symptoms of lung cancer that you will able to identify if you play close attention to your health.

Endless Coughing

If your cold has long been cured but your coughing is still persistent as the days go by for weeks then you should be alarmed. This is one of the most common lung cancer symptoms. Unnecessary coughing is a sign of health calamity be it cancer or any other disease, so make sure to take it seriously.

Rough Raspy Voice

The only normal medical circumstances under which your voice is allowed to change is when you hit puberty anything after that is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle that is effecting your throat or lungs. The health of your lungs can be determined by the variation in your voice. If you find yourself coughing a lot, or unexplained changes in your voice then you should make an appointment with your doctor as it can be a symptom of lung cancer or TB.

Difficulty in Breathing –

All of sudden, if you are having trouble breathing despite the average pollution percentage in your area then we recommend you see your doctor. Breathing problems have become a common condition in metropolitans which, to an extent make people ignorant to the fact that they might be suffering from lung cancer. If you are suffering signs of dyspnea (difficulty in or labored breathing) or apnoea (temporary cessation in breathing), it can be an alarming sign.

Unbearable Headache

Your body can’t be normal, if you are experiencing worse headaches than a hangover that come and go unexpectedly, increasing on a scale of 1 to 10 in seconds. Coughing and difficulty in breathing puts strain on the lungs and the lack of oxygen makes it hard for the human body to function smoothly, hence causing acute headaches in lung cancer patients.


Blocked, inflamed, or constricted air pipes, put pressure on the lungs that result in producing a whistle like sound when a person tries to breathe.  Wheezing is a common condition which can be prompted due to multiple causes, most of which are easily treatable. So, if your wheezing sticks around no matter how many treatment you have tried, that can’t be healthy.

Sudden drop in Weight

An unexplained sudden drop in your weight over 10 pounds is an early cry from your body to make an appointment for a checkup. If you are still unable to find anything in your reports, and you indeed have any of the symptom mentioned above, then maybe you should get a lung cancer test done as well.

Acute Bone Pain

Cold or cough are not known for inducing bone pain, so experiencing that under normal circumstances is very rare. People have difficulty differentiating bone pain from body pain. Bone pain often gets worse during night that increases rapidly with movement. People suffering from lung cancer has often reported continuous pain in shoulders, arms, and chest. So, pay close attention to your body and discuss them meticulously with your doctors.

Closing Advice

These all knocking signs are either symptoms of lung cancer or some other disease. So, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should get yourself checked. Even if the reports are positive you will have enough time to tackle the disease, which is always better than living with it in ignorance.

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Note: The information provided above is substantial and can vary patient from patient. Users experiencing any of symptom above or not but feeling like they might be suffering from cancer should visit a doctor.