With the advancements and revelations in the medical arena over the past few decades, the overall health and wellbeing of people have really improved manifolds. Out of many other medical procedures available to enhance the quality of life, knee replacement surgery has a special significance as it facilitates one of the most basic and vital human function of walking. Due to many prominent reasons, many people seeking knee replacement surgeries, are dedicating their preference to India. Let us know these in detail!

Benefits of availing knee replacement surgery in India


It might surprise many but the cost of medical treatments in India, when compared to several other countries, is way more cost-effective. The cost of knee replacement varies from hospital to hospital and surgeon to surgeon in different Indian cities. Also, the type of surgery affects the cost of your overall treatment. If the patient smartly plans and opts for a complete surgery package, the total cost of knee replacement surgery in India will not only cover the expense of the procedure, but also include surgeon’s fees, medicines prescribed during the hospital stay, standard single room admission, standard tests and pre-procedure diagnosis.

Great Knee Replacement Surgeons

India is a home to some of the great knee replacement surgeons in the world. Many of these doctors have pursued their degrees and medical practice from reputed foreign universities and they are very well accredited, which is definitely a sigh of relief for the medical tourists, coming from foreign countries to India.

Easy Travel

As per the recent amendments in the visa application procedure for medical patients, travelling back and forth to India is not a big problem. Although every visit has to be backed by a valid visa and passport, the waiting time for the travel has been reduced significantly. Plus, for those who can speak English, there is absolutely no communication problem; and for those who speak other languages, language translators are easily available.

Professional Assistance

To make your travel and medical treatment in India easier and more comfortable, there are several third-party companies that provide professional assistance to the foreign patients in their time of need. One of the most recognized ones on this list is Medmonks, wherein the proficient experts take all the burden of a wide list of arrangements off of your shoulders.

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Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Although the availability of world-class facilities in the hospitals, advanced medical procedures, latest machines in healthcare and experienced is very attractive, cost-effectiveness is probably the biggest reason, drawing the attention of numerous medical tourists to India. Much budget-friendly, when compared to several other countries like the US, UK and Singapore, the cost of knee replacement in India, has been serving its role in increasing the number of patients travelling to India every year for the treatment.

In India, considering all the costs of the entire procedure, the average cost of knee replacement for a single knee costs starts from USD 4500, which is USD 30,000 in the US. However, if the patient has to get both his knees replaced, the price difference is approximately thirty-five per cent or more. Bilateral knee replacement in India can cost starts from USD 7500, whereas the same procedure in the US costs around USD 55,000.

Keeping in mind the surprising price drop of the knee replacement surgery in India, many medical tourists consider India as the most sought-after destination for the procedure, and that too, with high levels of assurance and quality. Having knee replacement done in India can help these patients save over seventy per cent of their hard-earned money, even after counting the expenditure involved with travel and stay.

Factors on which the cost of a knee replacement depends

The cost of a knee replacement surgery in India depends on several factors like the following:

  • The type of surgical approach, implant and pain relief medications
  • The hospital and the city it is in
  • Proficiency of the surgeon
  • Sum of days spent in the hospital
  • Cost of physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Incidental costs
  • Several other pre and post-operative costs

There are some cases, wherein the overall knee replacement cost in India inevitably increases. In case of staged procedures, both knee replacement operations are done several months apart, as two distinct surgical events. The patient is required to stay in the hospital and undergo the process of rehabilitation twice in such cases. Also, after the surgery, patients are generally called to the hospital for physiotherapy sessions for around two weeks, costing him or her, an additional cost of USD 300 to 500.

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