Gastric Bypass Surgery is a life-transforming weight loss surgery that can significantly help people in eliminating majority of fat related diseases or disorders from a their body, by a simple extraction of excess fat. In this procedure, the surgeon makes small change in the patient’s digestive system and stomach that limits their capacity to eat and absorb nutrients, that eventually leads to significant weight loss. Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost In India is also relatively affordable that allows a decent fraction of the population to consider it who are dealing with weight related health disorders.

While this might seem like a tempting alternative to lose or maintain a specific weight ratio, gastric surgery is not suitable for everyone. It is a major surgical procedure in which the whole digestive system is rearranged that has the potential of inviting a lot of health risks. The procedure also demands permanent life-long changes in the lifestyle of the patient. So, before thinking about getting this procedure, evaluate if it is a suitable option for your case.

What happens in a Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric Bypass is the surgical procedure wherein the stomach of the patient is divided to form a small pouch in the upper side and remnant pouch below, after which the small intestine is examined, and rearranged (extracting all the excess fat from the stomach), and finally connected with both the pouches.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost In India

On an average the cost for Gastric Bypass Surgery in India starts from USD 5500. However, this cost might vary based on the following factors like:

  • Criticality of the Patient’s Case
  • Technology used in the Surgery
  • Days Spent in Hospital
  • Hospital & Room Selected
  • Appointments made with the doctor before and after the surgery

Reasons for getting a Gastric Bypass Surgery

Weight Loss – This surgery helps in getting rid of almost 70% excess fat from the patient’s body.

Gastric Problems – Acute digestive problems caused due to obesity or excess fat can be resolved via gastric bypass surgery.

Controlling your BMI (Body Mass Index) – that is higher than 35 and the patient is suffering from multiple health issues like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or type 2 diabetes etc.

Medical History of Weight disorders 

Gastric Bypass Surgery Procedure

Step 1: Patient is put on small doses of general anaesthesia to put them in sleep and cause numbness on their body.

Step 2: An incision is made on the stomach, separating the stomach into two parts. Once open, the internal parts of the patients are examined, after which the excess fats are extracted from his/her body. Once removed, the focus shifts on the intestines which are rearranged and reattached to the both the sections made in the stomach.

Step 3: Then the functionally of the organs are analyzed via the blood flow and if everything seems normal the stomach is stitched back together.

Patient would require a few weeks of rest to recover completely from the surgery. In some cases, patients might take time to get used the new changes in their body or might find it hard to digest food quickly, which is normal, however, we recommend them to share everything related to their health with their doctors for a few months. 

Best Gastric Bypass Surgeons and Hospitals in India

1. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai – Dr Ramen Goel

Wockhardt Hospital,Mumbai Central,Mumbai

2. Fortis Hospital, Bangalore - Dr Shabeer Ahmed

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

3. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore – Dr Sumit Talwar

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore

4. Fortis Memorial Research Institute(FMRI), Delhi NCR – Dr Anirudh Vij

Fortis Memorial Research Institute(FMRI)

5. Metro Hospital, Noida, Delhi NCR – Dr Jitendra Kumar Agrawal

Metro Hospital, Noida

Explore to search for the best gastric bypass surgeon and treatment centres in India. Also, feel free to comment below to get assistance on any medical condition that you or your family might be suffering from.