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Weight Loss Surgery

The weight loss surgery cost in India starts at a nominal rate of USD 6,000 for Gastric Bypass Surgery and USD 5000 to USD 7000 for Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Bariatric Surgery aka Weight Loss Surgery as the name suggests is used for the treatment of obesity performed by decreasing the size of the patient’s stomach via a reduction of their gastric band or by re-routing their small intestines.

Gastric Bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric band, and biliopancreatic diversion are some commonly used weight loss surgeries.

Weight Loss Surgery in India has a 95% success rate.

The procedure requires patients to stay in the hospital for approximately 3-4 days and a week or two outside the hospital.

BMI and other factors are used for determining the eligibility of a patient to go under a weight loss surgery.


Weight Loss Surgery Cost In India

1.    What is the cost of weight loss surgery in India?

Bariatric procedures are used for reducing the weight of the patient, whose cost start at:

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in India - $7500

Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy in India – $5000

Cost of Adjustable Gastric Band in India – $5500

For further queries, patients can contact Medmonks.

2.    What are the costs included in the treatment?

The following costs are included in the weight loss surgery package in India:

Hospital Room Rent (as mentioned in the package)

Routine Consultation

Fees of Surgery

Operating Room Rent

Cost of Medicines

Routine Checkup (during the package days)

Patients Food Bill

3.    What are the costs excluded from the treatment?

Packages of Weight Loss Surgery Cost in India does not cover the following expenses:

Overstay at the healthcare center (Additional Room Rent)

Consultation from a different specialist at the hospital

Services used at the hospital

Use of any special drug/ IV/ blood component

Additional therapy/ surgery

4.    Why is the cost of medical treatment lower in India in comparison to other countries?

The low cost of treatment in India is contributed because of the following factors:

Low HR Cost

India medical staff gets less than 25% share of the treatment cost while healthcare professionals in France receive 80% of the overall cost. This occurs because of the affordable cost of human resource in India.

Law of Volume

Medical facilities are consumed more in India, because of the vast population in the country. On an average, an X-ray machine in India is used 20 – 30 times every day, while in France its used less than 5 times a day.

Availability of Generic Medicines

Generic medicines act as an affordable substitute for expensive medicines, which are produced in abundance in India, making them easily available in the country.

Out of Pocket

Less than 20 percent of the population in the country has medical insurance, meaning the rest of the population pay for their treatment bills from their own pockets. This causes the healthcare centers to build economic treatment packages which can be afforded by these people. These treatment packages remain the same for the international patients to the degree that makes it affordable for them as well.

5.    How do most hospitals calculate the cost of the procedures?

The cost of any treatment is calculated by adding up the fees of all the medical staff and the cost of machines, drugs and other facilities used in the procedure. During the initial, procedure the hospital applies the full fees of the doctors and cost of machines used in the surgery. However, if additional surgery is required these expenses are reduced to 50 – 60 percent, granting the patients a discount on their second procedure. 

6.    What kind of accommodation options exist in India?

Patients can get affordable lodging facilities in India within walking distance from their hospital at just USD 20 per day.

Patients can also contact Medmonks for booking accommodation options which can provide specific cultural and dietary amenities by required them throughout their stay in India.

7.    What is the cost of a medical visa to India? How long do I get the visa for weight loss surgery in India?

Patients can travel India on e-visa for their weight loss surgery, as it requires a hospital stay of less than a week and outpatient care of additional one week.

The cost of e-visa starts at USD 35 which is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival.

8.    How can I pay for medical treatment?

Patients can use the following modes for paying their hospital bills:

Wire transfer

Credit/ Debit Card

Cash (Rupee (Not more than 2 Lakhs)/ Dollars (Up to USD 5000 each passport)/ Euros/ Pounds)

Note: Patients should contact Medmonks before making the deposit at the hospital or before converting their cash into a different currency.

9.    If the money deposited is more than the expenses at the hospital at the time of discharge, will I get a refund?

The hospital will return the excess amount to the patient using the module which was used by them while making the payment. Cash deposits will be returned in cash, while electronic payment will be refunded to the patient in the source or account from which the transfer was made.

10.      Why does the cost of weight loss surgery in India vary across hospitals?

The variation in the cost of treatment occurs because of the following reasons:

Hospital’s location (Rural/ Urban)

Doctor/ Surgeons Specialization

Doctor/ Surgeons Experience

Duration spent in the Operating Theatre

Cost Structure of the Hospital

Medicines/ technology required and used in the surgery

Hospital’s Infrastructure

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