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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery is performed by dividing the patient’s stomach into a small pouch and larger ‘remnant’ pouch and which is then rearranged and attached to the small intestine. 

Gastric Bypass surgery cost in India starts at USD 5500.

The surgery requires patients to stay at the healthcare center for 3 – 4 days, and outpatient care of at least a week.

Patients are given a diet plan after the procedure which should be followed by them.

The surgery is performed with the use of general anesthesia and can take up to 4 hours to complete.

Gastric bypass weight loss procedure in India has a success rate of 95% which continues to improve with advancement in technology.

Patients have to undergo tests including chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, chemistry panel, urinalysis and blood count before the procedure.


Gastric Bypass in India

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is usually performed for cosmetic reasons and is often not covered by the insurance providers, making the cost of procedure very expensive in western countries. But in most cases, weight often leads to other medical complications, requiring an immediate medical condition.

The flow of medical tourists coming to India for bariatric surgery has increased tremendously over the last decade because of availability of JCI accredited hospitals, experienced doctors, advanced technology, world-class infrastructure and low cost of treatment here.


Roux-en-Y gastric bypass aka Gastric bypass is a type of weight loss procedure that is performed for decreasing the size of the stomach and the digestive system. The gastric bypass involves division of the stomach into two parts, upper pouch which is smaller in size and the lower, larger remnant pouch. Once divided they are connected with the small intestines accordingly.

The surgery helps in making the patient’s stomach size smaller, this reduces his/her capacity to consume the food which can be accepted by their stomach, thereby automatically reducing their food intake. Further, the food also bypasses through the small intestine that results in low-calorie absorption causing weight loss.

Gastric Bypass procedure is an effective way for patients to combat weight issues. The results achieved by the procedure are immediate, and long-lasting, especially when it is accompanied by balanced lifestyle changes.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Advantages

The procedure helps in reducing the size of the stomach, much smaller compared to any other surgeries causing low food intake leading to drastic weight loss.

Ghrelin, the hormone responsible for causing hunger is bypassed during this procedure.

The procedure can help control or resolve comorbid conditions up to 80 to 100% improving patient’s quality of life.

Candidates for Weight Loss Gastric Bypass

Obese patients between the age of 18 – 60 years with BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 plus or between 35 – 40 with weight-related medical complications like sleep apnea, heart diseases and diabetes are good candidates for weight loss gastric bypass surgery.


During this procedure, incisions are made on the stomach for creating a small pouch in it. The size of the pouch is kept similar to a golf ball. The remaining section is then reattached to the small intestine. It is attached to the lower portion of the small intestine that bypasses the remaining stomach and the upper part of small intestine. The upper part of the small intestine that is attached to the remaining section of the stomach is also attached with the roux limb’s lower part allowing the digestive juices to flow towards the food in the intestine.


Patients will require to stay at the healthcare center for approximately 4-5 days following the gastric bypass surgery in India during which the doctors will ensure that the patient’s digestive system is working properly. Patients are likely to experience slight pain and discomfort for a few weeks after the procedure that is usually managed with medications. A diet plan will be recommended to the patients with instructions to follow a liquid diet, for achieving the best results. The prescribed dietary plan should be followed religiously for a smooth recovery.


Dramatic weight loss can be achieved after gastric bypass surgery. Patients can lose up to 70 to 80% of their excess weight in their body within one or two years after the operation. If combined with sustainable lifestyle changes most people can start losing weight right after the operation and continue to lose it for 20 to 24 months.


Usually, patients have to stay at the medical center for 3 – 4 days and receive outpatient care of up to one or two weeks after he/she discharge from the hospital.

International patient with have to stay in India for 2 – 3 weeks for undergoing this procedure. Patients can resume to their routine within a week’s time, but they should refrain from participating in a rigorous workout or heavy physical activities for at least two months.

The time required for recovery also depends on the technique used in the surgery, minimally invasive techniques usesmaller incisions, while in open procedures longer incisions are used which can take much longer to recover.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in India

Gastric Bypass surgery cost in India starts at USD 5500. This includes the cost of evaluation, surgery and diet plan created by the medical professionals at the hospital.

As medical insurance providers do not cover the cost of this procedure, international patients often prefer coming to India for their treatment to receive treatment at an affordable price.

Note: The cost of the procedure is subject to vary depending on factors like location of the hospital, fees of the doctors/ surgeons, rent of operating theatre & hospital room and surgery that may be affected by the type of technology used.

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