Rhytidectomy aka Facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that allows you to look young and beautiful forever by removing the wrinkles from your face. It allows people to sustain a youthful facial appearance over a long period of time. Most male and females in the Film industry today have undergone this procedure, and you can see how amazingly that turned out for them. Wrinkles are one of the earliest signs of aging, which is the main reason why Rhytidectomy has become so popular. Unlike most cosmetic surgeries, facelift appeals equally to men and women.

Apart from being used for removing wrinkles and pause the aging, this procedure is also used by people who have undergone liposuction or other weight loss surgery to create manage a face to body fat ratio. They use Rhytidectomy to enhance their facial structure by removing the excess tissue from their face.    

Rhytidectomy Procedure

Mini Facelift

Mini-facelift is commonly used today for addressing the sagging and wrinkles on the lower section of the face. The procedure involves creation of small incision on the ears, which are used for restoring the definition of the chin by getting rid of the excess tissue and tightening the remaining tissue. This procedure will give you a natural youthful look and also boost your confidence. Mini Facelift surgery appeals to both men and women. As the surgery entails in enhancing the structure of the jawline, youth is drawn to this procedure.

Full Facelift

This includes the removable of sagged tissue and wrinkles from the entire face, including the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. The patient is put under general anaesthesia for numbing their sensations to pain and putting them to sleep. Next small incision is made on the hairline, ears of the patient. Using the open shape the excess tissues are removed, while tightening the remaining tissues to give their face a naturally youthful appearance. It takes 2 more weeks for all the wounds to completely heal after the procedure. 

Facelift cost in India

The cost of Rhytidectomy in India starts from USD 2200 depending on the portion of the face that you want to cover in the procedure. A full face frontal facelift can cost start from USD 4500, while a mini-facelift will have a cost starting from starting from USD 2800 

Facelift Myths

Facelift is Permanent

Truth – The results of Rhytidectomy remove the wrinkles from the face, giving the recipient a youthful appearance. However, a facelift doesn’t stop the natural ageing process which means that you will continue to age despite getting the facelift treatment.


How much time will I take to recover after the facelift?

Hereby recovery, we are determining the duration which will be required by the patient to get back to their normal routine after the surgery. It will take 1 to 2 weeks for the patient to recover and get back to their daily routine.

Is Facelift safe?

A facelift is a safe procedure used for the removal of any sagginess or wrinkles from the face. There are several people who have undergone this treatment and were able to make a great improvement in their appearance.

What is the appropriate age to get a facelift?

Due to the budding acceptance and openness regarding cosmetic surgeries in the showbiz, millennials are also getting influenced to get a facelift at a younger age. Rhytidectomy has not been confined to certain age criteria, anyone can go under the surgery if they feel like they have wrinkles on their face.    

Will I feel uncomfortable while eating or laughing after the facelift?

You might feel a little stiffness in your cheeks after the surgery but eventually you get used to it, however, you won’t feel utterly uncomfortable with it. In case, you feel any unusual discomfort due to pain or itching, make sure to consult a doctor.