Despite the fact that India is relatively a newcomer to the global medical tourism industry, it has emerged as one of the most sought-after medical destinations for westerners looking for getting best-quality, low-cost medical treatments that would cost extremely high in their home country otherwise. As per the estimates, health tourism in India has grown by a rate of 30%.

There is a multitude of reasons that play a significant role in driving these people to India. Two of the most cardinal reasons are:

  • Increased availability of top-quality medical technology and widely-acclaimed health professionals
  • Affordability

The quality of care offered at India's premier medical facilities surpasses the services provided in its western counterparts. This is why more and more people from the west choose to travel to India for pursuing high-precision medical procedures now.

Dental tourism-Affordable smiles Indeed

Among the entire medical tourism sector, dental tourism in India has witnessed a significant upward thrust during the recent years. Statistics reveal that people from western nations such as the US, UK, Australia etc. are willing to cross borders to seek low-cost dental care and treatments in India. The enormous cost difference, between the cost of dental procedures in abroad and India, has become one of the primary reasons why a large number of the crowd are drawn towards India. For instance, the cost of single caries restoration costs around USD 300 to USD 400 in the US, however, this procedure cost only USD 20 to USD 40 in a majority of state-of-art dental facilities and clinics in India. A dental bridge in the US costs USD 5,500 contrary to only USD 500 in India. Dental crowns or dental caps cost as high as USD 950 to USD 1450 in any of the dental facility in the US, but the cost of the similar procedure, with similar quality implants, can cost as low as USD 100 at an Indian facility.

As a matter of fact, Americans and Europeans are not only travelling to India for undergoing not-so-complex dental procedures like caries restoration, they are planning a trip to India for dental treatment methods including, root canals and major dental surgery.

Rise of Medical travel companies:

With the rise in medical tourism, there has been a massive increase in the number of medical travel companies in India. These medical travel firms have access to highly experienced medical counsellors and resources to help patients plan and execute medical journey in a safe and cost-effective manner. Also, these companies can allow patients, local and international both, to get in touch with the best dental establishment housed in India without any difficulty.

In case, the patient is referred to a particular dental surgeon, these companies can offer valuable end-to-end support to help patients consult with the respective surgeon in no time- all these services come at a free of cost.

Furthermore, these medical health care providers can provide assistance in getting an Indian medical visa, arranging an airport pickup and drop facility, and Medical lodging, to name a few. One of such medical travel company, MedMonks, has pioneered in offering medical services to patients at much lower costs.

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