CyberKnife Radiation Therapy is the most reliable and fastest non-invasive option available in the medical world for treating complex tumors and cancers. It can target cancerous cells present anywhere in the body, providing an effective alternative for surgeries. 

CyberKnife Radiation can help in treating cancer or tumors present in any part of the body, which might not be treated using other treatment options, like surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

CyberKnife Radiation

The concept of CyberKnife Radiation is inspired by the radiation therapy, which uses 40 times more powerful radiation beams and 6D virtual assistance that helps it in delivering high-accuracy during the treatment. It is designed to limit the loss of healthy blood cells while killing the abnormal cells in the body using radiation.

CyberKnife is a non-surgical therapy used for treating non-cancerous and cancerous tumors from anywhere in the body like kidney, liver, pancreas, neck and spine etc. The system provides sub-millimeter accuracy, minimizing radiation exposure preventing healthy tissues, and organs from getting damaged during the therapy.

Typically, in radiation therapy when the X-Rays are directed towards the affected part of the body, it affects the healthy cells as much as the abnormal cells present in the area, causing unnecessary damage to the body. CyberKnife minimizes this damage, targeting only the cancerous cells or benign tumor present in the body.

Benefits of CyberKnife Radiation

Unlimited Flexibility - CyberKnife is a robotic radiation device that is designed to provide functional maneuverability to the doctors, allowing them to direct radiation beams from different angles and positions.

Non-Invasive Procedure – This procedure kills and prevents the tumor solely using the powerful radiations.

Faster Recovery – The procedure doesn’t require any incision that helps the patient to recover faster. Also, the high accuracy and powerful radiation beams used in the therapy helps in faster removal of the cancerous cells.

Limited Radiation Exposure – CyberKnife’s system delivers sub-millimeter accuracy, limiting the radiation from being exposed to any healthy tissues or organs.

CyberKnife Radiation Side Effects

Like most radiation therapy, CyberKnife also has a few risk-factors, which most patients respond to in a non-aggressive way.  However, some patient might develop an allergic reaction to the treatment which might lead them to reacts adversely.

Typically, the side-effects experienced in CyberKnife are temporary and mild, that might include fatigue and nausea. But the patient should be cautious as some of these side-effects might cause permanent damage that can even cause death.

Note: Patients should consult their doctors for determining if the treatment is suitable for them or not. Patient’s might even experience mild irritation on their skin. Severe side-effects might include acute body pain, abnormal bodily function, infertility, or death.

These side-effects can be experienced shorty or months after the radiation treatment has completed successfully. The nature or the severity of these side-effects can depend on multiple factors like the size or the location where the tumor was treated and technique used in the treatment, or the initial medical condition of the patient, and many more. 

CyberKnife Radiation Cost in India

CyberKnife Radiation therapy fees in India can range starts from USD 5500, which might vary depending on the appointments required for each patient’s treatment.

The cost of this treatment can also be considered as a significant CyberKnife Radiation Side Effects, as it is almost equal to the fees charged for surgical removal of the tumor. The reason why the cost of the procedure is so high is because of the advanced technology used in this therapy that delivers high-accuracy and faster recovery.


How much does time does CyberKnife Radiation take to treat a tumor?

Most patients who used CyberKnife Radiation for treating their tumor were able to recover within two to five therapy sittings. It usually kills the cancerous cells faster in the initial stages as they typically don't start spreading aggressively during those stages.

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