With cancer becoming a common disease it has become important to spread awareness about Cancer Causes and Symptoms. Spreading awareness regarding cancer is important in order to help people get more cautious about their health. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Most non-related communicable deaths are caused due to cancer.  There are over 200 types of identified cancers. Cancer can develop anywhere in your body without any symptoms.

Cancer can be caused due to internal as well external reasons. External reasons might include infections, environmental factors (air pollution) or poor lifestyle choices. Or it can also be caused due to inheritance or any history of medical disorder in the family which might lead to uncontrollable multiplication of cells.

What is Cancer?

Cancer can be defined as a medical condition wherein there is a production of large number of abnormal cells that multiple uncontrollably while destroying the healthy blood cells and body tissues. These abnormal cells then attack the immune system making the patient’s body weak. Cancer develops in the cells, which gives it the ability to freely transfer throughout the body during which it transfers its infections in the white blood cells.

Cancer is the one of the leading causes of death in USA. But thankfully the survival rates have also started increasing in the last five years with new discoveries and researches being executed every day. But there are still a few types of cancer, which are not only hard to identify before the last stage but are also difficult to cure.

What causes cancer?

The primary reason of cancer is the development of abnormal cells or mutation within the DNA. The DNA is a packed balloon of a collection of individual genes. Each of these genes follow a set of instructions, fulfilling their tasks and functions accordingly. They grow and divide in a defined set of ratio.  Any errors caused in these instructions lead the cells to perform their functions in an abnormal fashion, and multiplying uncontrollably which leads to a dysfunction in the system that leads to the production of cancerous cells.

What are the Symptoms of Cancer?

Note: The causes of cancer will vary depending on the type of cancer and the part of your body which has been affected by it. If you are experiencing something abnormal within your body, we recommend you should consult a doctor.

These are some of the general symptoms of cancers which are common for all its types:

  • Fatigue - Feeling exhausted without indulging in any activity which might make you feel tired.
  • Formation of a lump or hard thickening under the skin
  • Unexplained weight changes (unintended weight gain or loss)
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Changes in bladder habits
  • Indigestion
  • Hoarseness
  • Persistent sickness, be it fever or cold
  • Persistent Acute bone and joint pain
  • Unexplained bruising or bleeding
  • Changes in skin color, such as paleness, yellowing or redness

When is the right time to consult a doctor?

If you see any unusually persistent sign in your body that might be causing a concern, than you make an appointment. In case you don’t have any visible signs, but are still worried about the risk of cancer than you can always consult your family doctor who can guide you appropriately.

What are the best treatments for Cancer?

The treatment protocols for curing cancer vary from different types of cancers and the stag they are at. Most of these treatments are structured to cater to individual patient’s disease. However, most treatments are linked to a common thread which includes one of the following: surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy.

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