What is Brain Tumour?

Brain tumour simply refers to the abnormal growth or build-up of cells in the brain, which negates the natural fixed cycle for the process of cell regeneration in the brain, wherein the old cells expire and the new cells are formed. This unnecessary cell growth results in the formation of a mass tissue in the brain. It causes severe damage by abolishing the close healthy brain nerves and tissues, or by pushing the brain against the skull and increasing pressure.

Brain tumour can be of various different types and thus, also differs in terms of types of treatments required. Tumour can be benign and malignant type in nature, out of which, the malignant type is the cancerous one and has the tendency to spread very rapidly. As soon as brain tumour is detected, the patient is prescribed immediate treatment to sidestep any life-threatening problems in the future stages.

Different types of brain tumours are as follows: 

Astrocytoma: This type of tumour originates in the largest part of the brain, known as cerebrum. Astrocytoma is responsible for causing severe behavioural changes or seizures.

Meningiomas: This type of tumour is usually benign and arises in the meninges, or the lining of the brain. People over 70 years of age are more prone to meningiomas.

Oligodendrogliomas: This type of tumour adversely affects the brain cells covering the nerves. It grows slowly and does not has the propensity to spread in the neighbouring tissues.

Who needs Brain Tumour Surgery?

Considering the high medical criticality of brain tumour, different types of doctors usually come together to work out the most advantageous overall treatment plan for the patient, which often combines different types of treatments. This multidisciplinary team for optimum cancer care, thus formed, features an assortment of health care professionals including physician assistants, pharmacists, oncology nurses, social workers, counsellors and dietitians.

The recommendation for brain tumour surgery treatment type depends on the following factors:

  • Tumour’s size, grade and type
  • If or not the tumour is pressurizing the dynamic parts of the brain
  • If or not the tumour has spread to other parts of the body or CNS
  • Possible side effects
  • Overall health and preferences of the patient

It is evident that some types of brain tumours grow rapidly, whereas others grow slowly. The doctor considers this and many other factors before prescribing a brain tumour surgery, besides chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Surgery is considered to be the only needed treatment for low-grade brain tumours, especially if the entire tumour can be removed. However, for higher-grade tumours, surgery is the first step of treatment, followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

What is the cost of Brain Tumour Surgery?

The brain tumour treatment around the world is usually very expensive but in India, it can be availed at relatively much lower budgets, that too, without any compromises on the credentials of medics or quality of treatment.

Craniotomy costs start from USD 4,000 in India, whereas in the US, it costs starts from USD 55,400

Micro-Surgery costs around USD 8,000 in India, whereas in the US, it costs starts from USD 72,000 & Gamma Knief costs starts from USD 6500 in India

Seeing that brain tumour treatment in India can be availed at approximately sixty to seventy per cent lower charges, many medical tourists from other countries are travelling to the country for a quality brain tumour surgery that does not burn a hole in their pockets.

What does the cost of Brain Tumour Surgery depend on?

Following are the factors, on which the cost of brain tumour surgery largely depends: 

  • The hospital and its type of room patient opts for
  • The number of days spent in the hospital and ICU
  • Fee for the team of tumour care professionals including doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, anaesthetists and dieticians
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Diagnostic procedures including standard tests
  • The type of surgery performed – craniotomy, microsurgery or gamma knife surgery
  • Other expenses including nursing fee and room service

What are the inclusions and exclusions in a Brain Tumour Surgery?

Generally, the cost of travel, stay in the hospital, surgical approach, pain relief medications is included in the total cost of brain tumour surgery in India.

What are the chances I will have to pay extra for Brain Tumour Surgery?

If you do not want to be shocked with any additional or hidden costs later on, do not forget to inquire about the following aspects beforehand:

  • All the inclusions and exclusions in the total cost of the treatment

  • Application of insurance cover on all or part of the procedure
  • Provision of any patient financing plans