When it comes to plastic surgery a lot of myths and misconceptions cloud our mental process, thanks to the preconceived notions fed to us by media around us. So, let us first discuss, what exactly is ‘plastic surgery.’ It is a kind of surgery which deals with reconstructing and repairing the damaged or missing tissue and skin often because of an injury or abnormality by birth; any kind of ailment or previous surgeries.

The basic idea is to restore the functionality of skin cells and tissue to as normal as they are supposed to be. The surgery wherein goes on to improve the appearance of the body parts.

Having said that, it is also possible that often the surgery is performed on a fully healthy person just to solve a cosmetic purpose of achieving what a person feels is the desired look for themselves. The sole purpose of this sort of surgery is to change the appearance of the person as per his or her wishes.

India is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Mythologically, it is often debated that the art of cosmetic surgeries was part of our cultural history. Being the hub of medical facilities you will find the best Plastic Surgeon.

For successful plastic surgery in India, one needs to approach highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who have undergone extensive training.

Here are some of the best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi:

Dr Anup Dhir

Dr Anup Dhir’s name in the field of plastic surgery is a name to reckon with. He is easily one of the best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, India specialising in aesthetic & cosmetic surgery of the face and the body. After receiving a degree in medicine from Punjab, he got his degree in surgery from the Government Medical College and Patiala’s Rajendra Hospital.

Post which he secured a fellowship from the prestigious Ludwigs-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. The fellowship was for specialisation in maxilla-facial surgery. He has been practising in New Delhi since 1995. Right from the inception of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Dr Dhir has been part of its core team of plastic surgeons. He has worked at the Apollo Hospital as a plastic surgeon and senior consultant cosmetic.

Dr Vivek Kumar

Dr Vivek Kumar is at present serving at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, as a consulting cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon. He is one of the most established names when it comes to the best plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR and even in India. So much so, that for excellence in surgical work his name has made it to the Limca Book of Records in 2008.

Dr Kumar has authored many articles for reputed medical journals published in India and also for international papers. Though Dr. Vivek got his medical degree in India, he honed his inherent skills at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in the Instituto Ivo Pitanguy. He is an active and important part of many medical organisations which helps him to keep up to date with the latest in the field of Plastic Surgery. He also procured a specialisation in Advanced Aesthetic Surgery from New York, USA.

Dr Sumit Malhotra

Dr Sumit Malhotra, a gold medalist, is a leading plastic surgeon in India. He is definitely one of the best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi NCR as well. He has been a burn specialist consultant at Safdarjung Hospital and AIIMS Hospital in New Delhi. He was also a resident doctor at AIIMS and a core consultant for cancer reconstructive surgery.

Despite, his young age his achievements in the field of surgery are commendable. He comes with more than a decade of experience in the span of which he has accomplished a lot professionally. Alongside, he has also pursued his teaching and sharing the knowledge goals by practicing as an associate professor at the ERA’S Medical College in Lucknow.

Furthermore, he is one of the few surgeons in India who can actually help you fix your smile, yes he is a smile trained surgeon as well. So, keep smiling!

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