Entitlement for Medical Visa from USA to India

Any national resident of the US can apply for a medical visa to India if the following criteria is met:

  • Medical Visa is granted to a person, whose only purpose is medical treatment, to visit another country.
  • The applicant should have chosen a recognized hospital for his or her treatment.
  • A maximum of two medical attendants is allowed to travel to India with the patient. These attendants can be either the patient’s family members or, his or her close friends.
  • The applicant must choose from an extensive list of treatments that are eligible for granting of a medical visa. The popular treatments in this list are neurosurgery, renal disorders, joint replacements ophthalmic disorders, cardiac problems, organ transplantations, congenital disorders, radiotherapy, plastic surgery and gene therapy.

Procedure of applying for a medical visa from US to India

  1. The Embassy of India and its Consulates residing in the US have only one authorized service provider, namely CKGS. The applicant can submit his or her visa application in any of the 6 CKGS centres in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Houston. If a patient wants to apply for an Indian medical visa, it should be streamed through the CKGS website rather than directly hopping on to the Government of India website.
  2. After filling up and submitting the visa application form in the CKGS website online, the patient is redirected to the Indian Visa Online website.
  3. Only when the patient enters his or her credentials properly in the initial forms at the CKGS website, he or she will be informed about the documents, required for Indian medical visa application.
  4. These important documents comprise majorly of patient’s current US passport, which must have a minimum of 2 blank pages and shall be valid for at least 6 months from the date of application. The passport is a must-have for tracking valuable information of the patient such as his or her passport number, patient’s nationality and citizenship, place of issue, date of issue and expiry, and information about the patient’s preceding Indian visa, if applicable. Besides this, other relevant information sought is information of the countries the patient has visited in the last 6 months, the proposed travel itinerary in India and particulars of references, both in US and India.
  5. Once your application for an Indian medical visa is approved, visa processing time and web reference number will also be displayed, which you definitely need to note down for further reference.
  6. After completing your visa application procedure in the CKGS website, the patient is redirected to Indian Visa Online website, wherein he or she needs to fill the Online Visa Form of the Indian Government. 

Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee

The medical visa fee from the US to India for six months is a minimal amount of USD 100, whereas for a year, it is USD 140. The applicant can either ship or walk in for submitting his or her Indian medical visa application.

In case of shipping:

  • The applicant needs to book and purchase the same at the CKGS website. Rather than sending the medical visa application to the Mission, send it to the CKGS Application Centre of the concerned jurisdiction. A label needs to be printed as:

To: New ‘Visa’ Application

CKGS Application Centre name

Visa Department



Zip Code

  • Remember that one package, not weighing more than 0.5Lbs, should not contain more than only one application. These UPS and Fed Ex type of envelopes should be duly affixed with the shipping label of CKGS. In case you opt for a pickup service from UPS or Fed Ex, you will be required to pay a little extra.
  • Using the shipping label to submit the medical visa application outside the applicant’s jurisdiction is not allowed.
  • In case the applicant is using his or her own shipping label, its AWB number and service provider’s details has to be provided at the shipping stage of visa process.
  • Prepaid envelopes by Fed Ex and prepaid envelopes by USP are not accepted.

In case you are preferring to walk– in for submitting the Indian medical visa application form, please follow the process mentioned below:

  • Complete the appointment process in the CKGS website and select an appointment date and time slot. Other free options are provided by the system, in case your desirable date and time options are booked.
  • Get the booked appointment time and date confirmed from CKGS.
  • At the appointed date and time, walk-in to the concerned CKGS application centre and submit the application with all the required documents and the prescribed visa fees.
  • If you are an applicant from San Francisco Jurisdiction, biometric enrolment for visa application is obligatory. Some people exempted from this biometric enrolment are applicants with diplomatic or UN passports, applicants below the age of 12 and over 70 years, and those with no fingers.

For More Information Connect to Indian Embassy Webpage: https://www.indianembassy.org/pages.php?id=18

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