Ovarian Cancer Treatment - Overview

Ovarian Cancer Treatment is the elimination of all cancer cells from the female ovaries. It often remains undetected until it completely spread in the pelvis, reaching down to the stomach. Many detect it in the last stage, during which it becomes next to impossible to cure it, making it fatal. Ovarian cancer shows no distinct signs or symptoms in its early stages. Ovarian Cancer is still rare cancer compared to other types of cancer.

Cost for the treatment of Ovarian Cancer

A single chemotherapy session for ovarian cancer can cost over $16,000, and it can take 3 to 6 or more cycles to completely get rid of cancer depending on the stage of the cancer patient.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Options

Once the cancer is diagnosed in your ovaries the doctor will decide what is the best suitable treatment option for your condition. Currently, there are a few options available that together can complete cure cancer.

Surgery – this is the fastest option to get rid of cancer, but the chances of it developing back in your body are also high. Surgery helps in eliminating the full or a large amount of tumor from the body. This helps in staging cancer stopping it from spreading in the body.

How far the surgery needs to be conducted depends on how far cancer has been spread. It might include removal of ovaries, cervix, and fallopian tubes, or uterus in some cases. The aim of the surgeries associated with cancer is to remove the maximum amount of visible cancer. However if the patient is in their early stages and then their reproductive organs doesn’t necessarily need to be removed, as that will prevent them from procreating.   


Chemotherapy helps in killing the remaining cancer cells from the body after the surgery. Patients are given strong medication through IV in this therapy. These medications are injected into the abdomen to get better results while dealing with ovarian cancer.


Radiation Therapy uses X-Ray energy to help kill cancers cells in the pelvic area. Radiations are directed to the affected area using a machine similar to a basic X-Ray. It is also an effective way to kill cancer if has found its way back into the patient body. Radiation is also helpful for helping control the pain produced in the patient’s ovaries due to cancer.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted Therapy uses the latest medications that help in finding and attacking the cancers cells without damaging the healthy cells in the patient's body. All these medicines in this therapy work differently but are very efficient in stopping cancer from growing, multiplying, or fixing themselves. The medications are given to the patient either orally or by IV.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy is considered by doctors to prevent the growth of the cancer cells. This therapy might include consumption of hormones boosters or hormone-blocking medications. However, it doesn’t have a great record of completely getting rid of cancer. American Cancer Society (1) consider this therapy best suited for treating ovarian stromal tumors, instead of epithelial ovarian cancer.

Clinical Trials

Doctors are always researching cancer to explore new treatments, medications, and procedures. Patients can be a part of these trails and get access to the latest technology. However, these trials come with its cons and pros. Pros like some institutes might pay you instead of charging you to be part of these trails. Cons might include that the medication might not suit you or worsen your current condition. Always take suggestion from your current doctor before participating in any such trials.

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