Thanks to modern day technology in the cosmetic world, people no longer have to live with an insecurity. We all can think of a few names in the show business that have sliced the shape of their nose to enhance their appearances. The shape of the nose plays a significant role in highlighting and downplaying the features of your face, which is why most nose surgeries are able to deliver great results, in terms of transforming the appearance of their patients. Apart from being a popular cosmetic surgery, nose surgery also helps in dealing with injuries and birth deformities allowing people to restore the structure of their face. Several sports personalities in the industry have also gotten rhinoplasty due to injuries on their face.


The surgical cosmetic procedure that helps in restoring or correcting the shape of the nose is called Rhinoplasty.  It is a popular form of facial surgery which is used widely for cosmetic as well as restoration purposes. It aesthetically helps in enhancing the structure of the patient’s nose, allowing them to achieve a nose shape that they like.

Reasons to get Nose Surgery

  • Injury/ Deformity
  • Cosmetic Reasons
  • Birth Defects

Nose Surgery Procedure

Stage 1: In the first sitting while discussing the whereabout of the rhinoplasty, surgeons usually emphasize on the preferences of the patient. Together the cosmetic surgeon and the patient decide on a specific structure of the nose that they want to build. This helps the patient in understanding what will they look like.

Note: Make sure to set up an appointment before the surgery. Also, keep in mind that there is no standard of a perfect nose. Different shapes of faces look better with different nose shapes and length. So, have an open mind if your doctor suggests a different nose structure than the one you have in mind. The plastic surgeon will be able to help you better, as they will determine the nose shape based on your natural face structure that will help him/her in delivering more natural looking results.

Stage 2: Once the structure of the nose has been decided the patient is called in for the next appointment for the surgery. As rhinoplasty is a simple and short procedure, it can be operated on an outpatient basis (meaning that the patient doesn’t necessarily have to admit in the hospital).

Before starting the procedure the patient is put on regular anaesthesia on the nose, to make it numb disabling the patient from experiencing any pain, by making them unconscious, so that they sleep through the surgery.   

Stage 3: Depending on the discussed shape and size of the new nose, the surgeon makes the required incisions on the nose. In some cases, the nose needs to be cut from the bottom in order to achieve the ideal results. Patient is informed about this in advance, if, it is required in their case.

 Stage 4: Based on the discussed procedure the nose is enhanced using some implants or silicon, if necessary, and the nose is stitched back together.

Recovery after a Nose Surgery

A patient can take two to three weeks to completely recover from the surgery. The surgery leaves no marks on the patient nose, allowing them to have no after signs of the procedures.

Things to keep in mind after the Nose Surgery

  • Avoid participating in any aggressive activity that might cause injury on your nose.
  • Avoid aggressively touching your nose while applying any lotions, makeup, or scrubs.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face for a long time as it can comprise the new structure of your nose.

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