Majority of the population in the world suffers from joint pain, that can be caused due to an injury or growing age. The lack of exercise and consumption of nutrients, calcium, and protein in our diet makes our bones grow stiffer and weaker overtime making them prone to injury.

In some critical cases, these injuries or damages can be reversed using non-surgical treatments and some cases require urgent operation. Knee Arthroscopy is one such procedure that helps in reconstructing the lost strength of knee muscles and bones.

What is Knee Arthroscopy?

Knee Arthroscopy is a type of surgical technique designed for diagnosing and treating problems related to the knee joint. In this procedure, a small incision is made by the doctor on the patient's knee, through which a tiny camera (arthroscope) is inserted inside the knee. The image allows the doctors to examine the knee in real-time, delivering more accuracy during the surgery.

Symptoms of damaged Knees

•    Restricted Movement

•    Difficulty in moving

•    Intense, persistent pain

•    Joint Locking

•    Stiffness

•    Swelling that develops after a few days

•    A popping sensation

•    Difficulty straightening the knee completely

Who needs to get an Arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy can be used for diagnosing and treating the following knee problems:

•    Torn posterior or anterior cruciate ligaments

•    Patella that has been relocated

•    Removing the Baker’s Cyst

•    Knee Bone Fractures

•    Swollen Synovium

•    Torn Meniscus (Cartilage present in between the knee bones)

Knee Arthroscopy Procedure

Stage 1: The doctor will give the patient an anesthetic on the Knee or generally to put them to sleep throughout the procedure.

Stage 2: The surgeon will proceed with the procedure by making small incisions on the patient’s knee. The skin will be expanded to expose the knee bone. Now, an arthroscope is entered into the incision, and the doctor with examine the knee from the inside using the camera that is attached to the device.

Stage 3: On locating the problems, the surgeons will use their tools to correct the issues by inserting implants, prosthetic cartilage etc. After the surgery, saline is drained out of the joint which was inserted in it for expanding the incision made on the knee. Now the cuts are closed using stitches which are covered with a bandage.

Knee Arthroscopy Procedure Cost

Knee Arthroscopy cost in India ranges starting from USD 1800. The cost of the procedure might vary depending on the purpose of the surgery. For example, Knee arthroscopy done for repairing a torn knee cartilage can be operated via outpatient basis, which cost roughly around $3,000-$4,500 in India.

Risk Factors involved in Knee Arthroscopy

•    Bleeding in the Knee Joint

•    Infection in the operation site

•    Allergic Reaction to any medication used in the procedure

•    Excessive bleeding

•    Swelling or stiffness near the knee

•    Damage on the blood vessels, nerves, ligaments or cartilage of the Knee

•    Formation of blood clots


Is Knee Arthroscopy Painful?

Being a surgical procedure, knee arthroscopy is a painful operation, but the pain eventually fades away two weeks after the surgery, leaving the patient with a newfound smoothness in their knee movement allowing them to live a decent lifestyle, making the surgery worth the pain.

Who should get Knee Arthroscopy?

Knee Arthroscopy is recommended for patients who suffer from intense knee pain or have witnessed a knee or ligament injury that is interfering with their daily life. Initially, doctors recommend the patient to try non-surgical treatments to relieve their joint pain, but if that doesn’t work arthroscopy is considered as the next option.

How much time is required for recovering from Knee Arthroscopy?

Usually, the patients recover one month after the surgery, and can go ahead with their routine. However, they should avoid participating in any vigorous activity that might put pressure on their knee for a year.

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