A common problem faced by people these days, knee pain can originate in bony structures, owing to a knee-joint disease or injury, to compromise various body parts such as knee joint, kneecap, ligaments and cartilage of the knee. Being one of the most commonly occurred problems at present, knee pain affects the lives of people of all ages, whether young or old.

Normally, people with pain (comparatively mild) in their knee joint resort to home remedies or alternative treatment options such as medications or therapy to alleviate the pain and associated symptoms. However, for those with severe pain in the knee joint, such alternative treatment protocols fail to reduce the pain, leaving knee replacement surgery as the only option.

Knee Bone Pain Signs and Symptoms:

Depending on the structure involved, the location of the knee pain can vary. While a torn meniscus or a bone fracture produces pain in one specific location, reasons like infection or inflammation can cause the entire knee to swell leading to tremendous pain in the entire knee region. Hence, the severity of the joint pain can deviate, from a minor ache to serious and disabling pain.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms accompanying knee-joint pain are:

• Limited movement: Patients with knee-pain problems experience difficulty in performing daily chores or even walking. This may happen due to knee-instability issues. Furthermore, there a few cases, wherein, the patient experiences problems in walking up or down the stairs owing to ligament damage. Also, if the condition worsens, the discomfort caused due to knee pain can compel the patient to limp.

•   Redness and swelling: Excessive knee pain can cause redness. Apart from redness, the joints can become swollen too.

•    Knee locking: In patients with knee pain issues, knee locking is quite common. Due to which, they fail to bend the knee that refrains them from doing daily work.

Causes of knee bone pain:

A variety of reasons can lead to knee bone pain, such as

1. Knee injury: A direct trauma to the bony structure such as a fracture can result in a breakage. Not just these fractures are extremely painful, but will also interfere with the sufferer's day-to-day activities. Hence, fractures, no matter how small or major it is, calls for immediate medical attention.

A ligament injury such as the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury can result in debilitating joint pain. This kind of injury is seen in people with a sports or athletic background.

Rapid or sudden twisting the knee can injure meniscus that is made of cartilage and act as shock absorbers between bones in the knee. It can lead to disabling pain that requires immediate medical attention.

Discolouration of the knee joint is also an injury that can lead to pain compromising the blood flow to the leg.

2. Medical conditions: Ailments such as Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease, can lay a severe impact on the respective joints present in the body. It can cause severe pain, disability and swelling at the same time.

Another disease called Gout that is commonly found in the big toe can be responsible for producing pain in the knee joints.

Knee joint can be infected due to a disease called septic arthritis (infectious arthritis, which can cause pain, swelling and fever. Besides this, chronic overuse of joint conditions such as Patellar tendinitis, Osteoarthritis is some of the other major causes of joint pain.

Knee bone pain treatment options:

While medications, acupuncture, therapies and corticosteroid injections can help in decreasing knee joint pain, such methods cannot offer a permanent cure. When the pain becomes unbearable, a knee replacement surgery is a must. Depending on the extent of the damage, the operating surgeon performs the knee bone pain treatment procedure. A knee replacement surgery can be divided into two categories, namely, partial knee replacement surgery and total knee replacement surgery.

After understanding the signs & symptoms, and treatment options for knee pain, your next aim is to find a suitable treatment facility that possesses both the expertise and infrastructure and an experienced surgeon execute the surgery with success.

India is one of the very few countries that possess infrastructure, modern equipment, expertise to treat severe joint pain issues at a fraction of the cost. With access to the modern facilities and qualified surgeons, the success rate of Knee replacement surgery in India is beyond compare. If you or your loved one suffer from knee pain or other connected symptoms looking for a cost knee bone pain treatment method, India is the best bet indeed.

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