One of the biggest types of surgery that is in demand right now is plastic surgery. People are not very happy with the way they look and thanks to the advancements in the medical field; they are now able to change that with utmost precision. Most of the times, if the plastic surgery is done right, you will not be able to detect even a scar or an anomaly to suggest that the part of the body was worked upon.

India has become one of the leading countries in the world for plastic surgery and was even ranked fourth in the world recently. With this, the influx of people coming for cosmetic surgery to India has increased. Before you decide to jump on the bandwagon, it is necessary to see what kind of things you should keep in mind before choosing a plastic surgeon.

  • Certified

With the number of people wanting to get the surgery done, the number of surgeons will also increase. Since demand always leads to supply, the chain might not always be authentic. Indian plastic surgeons are fully certified by the medical board for the surgeries they can perform without a hitch. So if you are planning for the same, make sure you check their certification before entrusting them with yourself.

  • Record

India also has a really good record of plastic surgeries being done to satisfaction. This is including the people from the country and abroad. While you check that out, make sure you glance at the surgeon’s records as well. This will show his strengths and weaknesses regarding surgeries well.

  • Hospital facilities

Unlike many other countries, you can ask or request for hospital facilities when you are getting your surgery done. Even though many of the plastic surgeries are done as outpatient procedures, many of the hospitals do provide the same, especially in India.

  • Price

If you are coming from another country, the price for plastic and cosmetic surgery in India is considerably lesser than what you might end up paying there. Paying a little more to travel and get quality surgery is certainly a good decision.

  • Quality

With a record number of certified surgeons, successful surgeries and a place in the rankings, the quality of plastic surgery in India is unparalleled. This is what attracts many patients to opt for the same.

If you are going to take the plunge into plastic surgery, just make sure you look out for these five points before choosing the hospital or the surgeon!