Wonders of Jab!

New arthritis jab offers hope for patients to relieve them from Arthritis pain. Injection could help two thirds of those who failed to respond to NHS treatments. The experimental drug was shown to help almost two thirds of patients. It could help those who fail to respond to treatments available on the NHS.

Arthritis refers to joint pain, stiffness or joint disease. It is a very common disease, but not well understood. Arthritis is the main cause of disability in America. Among ladies and older people it is more common. Some of the symptoms of arthritis include, inability to use hand or walk, malaise, fatigue, insomnia, difficulty in moving joints, tenderness, difficulty in moving the joint, insomnia, muscle aches and pains etc.

It is a well-known fact that arthritis has affected more than 20 million people and they are facing problems in the functioning (body and muscle movement) of body on a daily basis. It becomes even more difficult for the patients suffering from high cholesterol, obesity, or any heart disease. The risk of depression increases in the patient suffering from arthritis.

For people suffering from problems related to knee and hip. Knee and Hip replacement surgery cost more than 1 billion Euros a year. Advancements in medical science has always turned out to be a point of miracle for patient suffering from various severe diseases. This injection having new molecule Regulator of Cartilage Growth and Differentiation 423 (RCGD) is surely one such wonder of science. It generates fuels while curbing inflammation. That is it has tendency to ease the misery of arthritis by exerting its effects by communicating with a specific protein in the body, the molecule performing that function is known as GP130 receptor that receives two different types of signals. Its functions are to boost cartilage generation and it also reduces the inflammation of joints. The sole objective of the injectable therapy is to provide relief to an early to moderate level of arthritis. Presently the medications that have been designed to relieve arthritis pain have their respective side effects that includes stroke, high blood pressure, depression, stomach ulcer etc.

The wonders of jab also include cure from disorder like rheumatoid arthritis. Prof Evseenko and colleagues discovered that the jab enhances cartilage regeneration while decreasing inflammation. Healthcare professionals have put forth an optimistic opinion for the outcomes of the jab. The function of jab is not to cure arthritis, but to delay the progression of arthritis to the damaging stages when patient requires joint replacement.

Jab will show its wonder to treat jaw arthritis, lupus, neurological, baldness, and heart disease­­­­s as well.