In the last decade, India has become an optimal healthcare destination which provides notch healthcare facilities to domestic and international patients. These medical centers are equipped with the latest technology and the best medical minds who deliver quality treatment at an affordable price.

Most hospitals in India are built with dedicated centres that are specific for the treatment of varied specialities like oncology, nephrology, and hematology etc.

Patient, however, can feel overwhelmed by the endless stream options that pop-up on the internet when it comes down to searching the best hospitals in the country. So, Medmonks has created a list of the top 10 hospitals in India, which deliver treatment for a variety of medical condition under one roof.

1.  Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Accreditation: JCI & NABH

Location: Delhi

Number of Beds: 700 Beds

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Apollo Hospitals is amongst the most trusted and reputed healthcare group in the country that provides treatment facilities for advanced medical conditions. The hospital covers an area of almost 600,000 square feet. It was amongst the first hospital to receive a JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation.

Key Specialities:

First hospital in Asia to get the JCI accreditation

5 consecutive JCI accreditation

Da Vinci Robotic System

Novalis Tx radiotherapy system

One of the very few Indian hospitals with a PET MRI

NABL Accreditation of the labs

2.  Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Accreditation: NABH and JCI

Location: Greams Road, Chennai

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Another hospital from Apollo group, Apollo Hospital in Chennai has helped in revolutionizing the medical sector in the state, by bringing together a team of internationally trained doctors, and providing them with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities that help them sustain their rank on the list of top 10 hospitals in India.


Da Vinci Robotic System

Novo Technique for Joint Replacement

Performed 50,000 heart surgeries

Week Magazine │ Best Private Sector Hospital in India

First Indian Hospital setting up Proton Therapy

3.  BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

Accreditation: JCI

Location: New Delhi

Number of Beds: 650

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

BLK Super Speciality Hospital has the best cancer treatment center in India which comprises some of the best oncologists in the country. The hospital was established by B L Kapur in 1959. It is accredited by NABH and JCI and is highly preferred by international patients for receiving treatment in India.


CyberKnife Technology (Cancer Treatment)

Largest Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Asia

First Delhi accredited MUD (Match Unrelated Donor) healthcare center

4.  Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi

Dharamshila narayana superspeciality hospital

Accreditation: NABH  & NABL

Location: Gurugram, New Delhi

Number of Beds: 300 

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Narayana Superspeciality Hospital was founded a few years back, and today it ranks in the top 10 hospitals in India. It is the first hospital in India and the 11th hospital in the world to perform Haploidentical Bone Marrow Transplantation in patients with sickle cell disease. It is the only hospital in India which provides treatment for complex head & neck surgeries with successful results that are at par with European Cancer Institutes,


Nuclear Scans Technology (via Gamma Camera)

Provides Cancer Treatment via Targeted Therapy (Microselectron Digital (HDR-V3) Brachytherapy)

24x7 Radiology Services

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Department

IVUS & Rita Facilities

5.  Fortis Memorial Research Institute, New Delhi

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram

Accreditation: NABH

Location: Gurugram, Delhi NCR

Number of Beds: 1000 beds

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

FMRI, Gurugram is equipped with the latest technologies and an enviable faculty who has be trained internationally to utilize the highly-equipped speciality centres at the hospital treating its patients. The hospital is spread over an area of 11 acres which comprises of 1000 beds. It is considered as the ‘Mecca of Healthcare’ in the Asian Pacific region.


Accreditation from NABH

Advanced Catheter labs

Amongst the World’s First Hospitals to provide 3 Tesla, a digital MRI technology

6.  Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

Gleneagles global Hospital

Accreditation: NABH, NABL & HALAL

Location: Perumbakkam, Chennai

Number of Beds: 1000

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Global Hospitals is the fourth biggest healthcare chain in Asia. Gleneagles Global Hospital is also associated with King’s College Hospital in London. The hospital is spread across 21 acres. Gleneagles Global offers end-to-end advanced healthcare facilities for education, treatment as well as research.

The healthcare center is specifically known for providing advanced lung transplant program including other neuro, heart, liver and kidney procedures.


3 Tesla Silent MRI

TrueBeam STx

Robotic Interventional Pain Management

First Hospital to perform Swap Liver Transplantation in India (Adult)

First South Indian Hospital to perform 5 successful organ transplantation in one day

7.  HCG (Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd), Bangalore

HCG, Bangalore

Accreditation: JCI │ CAP │ FDA │ ISO 9001

Location: Bangalore

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

HCG Hospital is a super speciality cancer care center dedicated to providing treatment facilities for numerous types of cancers via chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical means. The hospital has an excellent team of oncologists who have trained internationally to treat the disease using advanced technologies. The healthcare centre is a leading cancer treatment facilitator in India.


DSIR Recognized

NABL Approved

Advanced Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology Treatment under one roof

First Hospital to Introduced CyberKnife in India

Have treated 1800 cancer patients with CyberKnife

8.  Manipal Hospital, Delhi

Manipal Hospital, Delhi

Accreditation: NABH

Location: Dwarka, Delhi NCR

Number of Beds: 380

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Manipal Hospital is amongst the top 10 Hospitals in India that specializes in providing treatment for Anesthesiology, Diabetes, Dermatology & Endocrinology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Nephrology etc. The healthcare centre offers a staff of highly trained and experienced surgeons who can treat complex condition via advanced technologies like laparoscopic and robotic surgery.


Telemedicine Services

Automated-Pneumatic Chute System

Manipal group hospitals treat over 2 million patients every year

9.  Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai

Accreditation: NABH

Location: Vileparle West, Mumbai

Number of Beds: 100 beds

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital is amongst the best hospital in Mumbai. The hospital was founded in 1951 by then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The healthcare center has garnered several awards including Medical Excellence Award, CISCO Technology Award, Healthcare Excellence Award. The advanced center for Gastro-Intestinal Surgery, Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery and Digestive & Hepatobiliary Diseases here, helps it in becoming the top 10 hospitals in India.


NABL Accreditation

Highly-equipped Birthing Center

Advanced Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

Over 100 Experienced Specialists

Advanced Department of Ayurveda

10.  Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi

Venkateshwar Hospital

Accreditation: NABH │ NABL

Location: Dwarka, Delhi NCR

Number of Beds: 325

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Venkateshwar Hospital is one of the best healthcare centers in north India which is equipped with advanced machines and equipment from Japan. The hospital has an exclusive collaboration with top medical insurance companies which helps them provide zero-cost treatment to the patients. They also offer extensive service for international patients. Venkateshwar Hospital provides uncompromised healthcare services to patients by appointing some of the best surgical minds for their treatment.


Provides treatment for more than 34 specialities

24*7 Blood Bank Services

Highly-equipped catheter labs.

100 ICU Beds

10 Modular Operating Theatres


 Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad

Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad

Accreditation: NABH │ JCI

Location: Hyderabad

Number of Beds: 750

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Continental Hospital is the best super speciality hospital in Hyderabad that delivers uncompromised healthcare services for complex medical conditions. It offers treatment facilities for more than 30 advanced specialities, which is delivered by internationally renowned surgeons. Continental Hospital is the first hospital in India that obtained the ‘Gold Seal’ in its first attempt.


Equipped with a Pain Management Academy of Continental Hospital

Fully Automated Lab Systems

Cobas Modular 6000 Series

TrueBeam Stx

Gem Crystal Technology (HD CT Scans)

Received ‘Green Hospital of the Year’ in 2014

 Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad

Yashoda Hospital,Hyderabad

Accreditation: NABH │ NABL │ ISO Certification

Location: Hyderabad

Number of Beds: 500

Accepted Payment Modes: Credit Card│ Debit Card │ Online Payment │ Cash │ Insurance

Yasoda Super Speciality Hospital comprises of an ISO certified laboratory, which is equipped in diagnosing complex conditions. The infrastructural design of the hospital is also compact with cutting-edge technology. The healthcare centre also has a surgical observational unit where patients are given post-operative care. It is the first hospital that set up 4D RapidArc Technology in India. Over 10,000 cancer patients have been treated using this technology at the hospital.


RapidArc Technology

The hospital also provides treatment of extracranial/ cranial tumors via high dose true beams.

Yasoda Hospital has been awarded the Asian Hospital Management Award (AHMA), Times Healthcare Achiever Award (2017) and the National Healthcare Award.

Equipped with the latest technology for Cancer Treatment

Patients can contact Medmonks for availing discounts on their treatment while booking an appointment with any of these top 10 hospitals in India.

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