Mitral Valve Repair

MV Repair has drastically evolved in the last five decades with the introduction of progressive comprehension in pathology and surgical procedures that are leading towards long-lasting results.  MV repair or replacement is performed to cure the diseases produced in the Mitral valve – a pipe like passageway located on the left side of the heart chambers.

Mitral Valve Repair is the procedure performed to treat leakage (regurgitation) or narrowing (stenosis) of the mitral valve by a cardiac surgeon. The mitral valve is responsible for the blood inflow in the left side of heart. Blood flows from lungs picking up the oxygen from the pulmonary veins to the heart’s left atrium. Any abnormality in the blood flow can cause the body to dysfunction.

Reasons to get a Mitral Valve Repair Procedure

The treatment procedure of the patient depends on the severity of their condition. The surgeon steps forward with the treatment by evaluating the health of your Mitral valve by analysing your medical history, and physical examinations.

Dysfunction in the heart can become a root of several problems that can result in chronic medical conditions like paralysis, heart failure, heart attack, and brain haemorrhage.

Being a heart surgery Mitral Valve replacement or repair, require a lot of precision while operating. A tiny mistake can cause a blunder; it is made sure that the operating room is well prepared for any issue that might arise at the time of the operation. 

During the heart surgery, the patient is put on a heart-lung bypass device allowing the oxygenated blood to circulate throughout the body. After which a 6-8 inch incision is created through the sternum, that helps in spreading the ribs to examine the heart and then stopping it to stabilise its blood vessels. 

Cost of Mitral Valve Replacement/ Repair

Mitral Valve surgery requires the presence of multiple specialists and instruments, which all add up in making it an expensive procedure. There are two surgical formats used by doctors to treat Mitral Valve, one via robotic surgery in India which might cost starts from USD 6500 and open-chest surgery in India that costs starts from USD 5000.     

Note: The price range mentioned above might vary for customers without any health insurance.

Robotically Assisted Surgery

It is a form of minimal invasion surgery performed on the heart's mitral valve by a cardiac surgeon using an endoscopic surgery (a closed chest approach). Robotically assisted surgery requires a smaller incision that limits the blood loss, as the robotic arm can move freely around within a smaller space. It also allows the wounds to heal at a higher pace.

Open-Chest Surgery

This surgery procedure uses the conventional means of operating the heart, by cutting the patient chest to examine their heart. Being the traditional way of operating it has its pros and cons. Unlike robotic surgery, it can take longer for the patient to heal. The incision made during open-heart surgery is double the size of robotically assisted operations, which is major cause of blood loss during the surgery. The procedure also requires the surgeon to get rid of the chest bone to gain full access to the heart, which adds more days to the healing time.


Mitral Valve Annuloplasty - is the surgical procedure for repairing any leakage in the mitral valves. Several factors can disable the two leaflets responsible for keeping the mitral valve sealed to make flow inconsistent. This procedure typically helps in implanting an annuloplasty device that allows the blood leaflets in providing coaptation and re-establishing its standard functions.   

Aortic/ Balloon Valvuloplasty – Balloon Aortic Valvotomy uses a balloon catheter to help in the process of widening the stenotic aortic valve. The balloon is adjusted inside the aortic valve to allow entrance into the calcium build up. Once placed in the preferred position, it is inflated that automatically increases the size of the valve, resulting in smooth and improved blood flow.   

Risk of Mitral Valve Repair




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