Medical tourism has gained tremendous popularity during the last one decade. It reflects on the latest trend of foreign nationals visiting other countries, on the pretext of availing their medical facilities, while taking the opportunity to travel and explore the mesmerizing contours of the country at the same time. India has emerged as a global destination for medical tourism, as more than 2 Lakh people, every year, have stepped into the country with the aim of receiving various types of medical procedures including, kidney replacement, knee replacement, and more at a fraction of the cost.

As per statistics, medical tourism in India has grown and is expected to reach a value of 9 billion by 2020. The major contributing factors to this progress are:

1. Improved infrastructure of hospitals and other healthcare facilities

2. Supreme-quality of medical instruments, devices and equipment

3.  Highly knowledgeable and skilled medical experts and medical staff

4. Affordable healthcare and treatment costs

Paradigm shift-How India has emerged as "medical hub"?

With the dawn of the new millennium and century, the federal government of India have taken a multitude of measures to elevate the standards of healthcare facilities and quality, encouraging private initiatives to boot. Following this, the number of medical travelers seeking high-end medical treatments in India continued to soar; the numbers are on a constant rise.

Among all the reasons, affordability is the prime reason for the rise of medical tourism in India. Foreign nationals, from countries like the US, UK etc. (the developed ones), Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. (the developing ones) are coming down to India for getting quality-ensured medical treatments at a reduced price. Moreover, the cost of living and the environment of India are one of the few additional reasons why a large section of International patients are coming to the country today. Coupled with the highly advanced and updated infrastructure that has been accomplished by a majority of private hospitals, and some government undertakings, along with inexpensive treatments attract people, especially from countries such as the US and UK.

In addition, the absence of a language barrier is one of the other reasons why India is emerging as a viable option for medical tourism today. A majority of Indians, including the medical system professionals, are absolutely fluent in English. This gives India an edge over other countries. Furthermore, with the top-standard education system in India, the medical professionals who have been providing treatments are of top-notch quality. Also, many of them have gained accreditations from international universities and other medical institutes. From esteemed cardiologists, rheumatologists to gynecologists, India is home to medical whizzes.

Along with seeking best medical services in India, medical tourists have a monumental scope of sight-seeing in India. This has given an impetus to medical tourism. With a diverse culture, fascinating history and traditional vein, the country offers an opportunity for widespread tour and travel.

With the rise in medical tourism, there has been a considerable increase in the number of medical tourism consultants in India. Top-tier medical tourism consultants in India such as Medmonks, a DIPP registered start-up, have helped more than 10,000 patients from 50 countries and beyond in last two years to come to India for their medical needs.

Medmonks have carved a niche for itself as a leading medical tourism consultant in India. Professionalism, technical expertise, skilled manpower and robust relations with the leading medical giants in India are few of its prime differentiators.

It has collaborated with India's top-drawer medical and healthcare establishments and sought-after surgeons and doctors. This collaboration is merely done to help patients get in touch with the best medical care experts and receive high-quality medical treatments at affordable prices.

The medical counselors working with Medmonks have the responsibility to arrange and facilitate patient's (along with the attendants) requirements that may include, getting an Indian medical visa, airport services, accommodation & transport facilities, to name a few. With the assistance of professionals such as Medmonks, you can rest assured to enjoy a trouble-free, affordable and best medical care in India.