This medical guide briefs the reader about unexplained fertility while questioning if it is really unexplainable and also determining the factors can lead to it.

Unexplained Infertility

Receiving a diagnosis of unexplained infertility can be very frustrating. But surprisingly it is a common condition. Approximately one out of four couples are diagnosed by it.

Unexplained infertility is a condition in which the reason and the cause behind the patient’s infertility remain unknown. Fortunately, unexplained infertility doesn’t mean that a couple can’t have children. The IVF treatments available in the medical world, allow these couples to get pregnant easily.

One study also discovered that 45% of woman in a group of 1,300 women with known infertility between the age of 28 to 36 were able to give birth to a child without using any fertility treatment.

Difference between Idiopathic Infertility and Unexplained Infertility

First, it is essential that we define the condition so that the readers can understand the difference between idiopathic and unexplained infertility. The meaning of Idiopathic in basic English is unexplained. But when doctors diagnose a male patient with idiopathic infertility, he has already determined the problem in the patient, for example, it is in his sperm. Maybe his semen analysis reports turned out to be negative. Here the doctor might not know the reason why the semen reports were negative, but the root of the problem is diagnosed, which is in the sperms.

Abnormal ovulating in women can cause idiopathic female infertility, but the reason behind the irregularity of ovulation will remain uncertain. 

In both these condition, it can be determined why the patients are infertile. But with unexplained infertility, the reports of the patient remain healthy, but they are still unable to conceive. 

Is Unexplained Infertility really unexplainable?

Unexplained Infertility is one of the most controversial diagnosis. The doctors are able to declare that the patient doesn’t have any problem, but he/she is still unable to conceive.

However, it not some mysterious condition. It is caused because of some reason, that the doctors haven’t been able to found yet. But there is definitely an explanation for it. Some doctors already have a few theories that make sense. 

Causes of Unexplained Infertility

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Here are a few possible explanations that might cause unexplained infertility:

  • Undiagnosed non-reproductive problem – Celiac diseases is also a common condition found in females with unexplained infertility, that has led us to believe that certain health condition can also be responsible for making the person infertile.
  • Lifestyle Choices - It is still unclear how lifestyle choices can impact the fertility in an individual, but they do play an important role.
  • The interaction between sperm & Vagina – After ejaculation in the uterus, the sperm needs to go out of the semen and into the womb to get fertilized. Any blockage or disturbance in this pathway can also lead to unexplained infertility.
  • Egg Quality – The quality of female eggs reduces with age, which can also cause infertility in women above the age of 40.
  • Sperm Quality – Some type of sperm defects which is still unrecognized by humans can be responsible for infertility.
  • Growth problem in the egg that prevents it from developing into an embryo.

It may be that the real reason behind unexplained infertility is completely unknown to medical professional right now, but one thing is for sure that we haven’t discovered everything about fertility either.


How is unexplained infertility diagnosed?

When all the reports of a patient determining the health of his/her sexual organs are positive and healthy, but he/she is still unable to conceive, then the doctor tag these patients under the condition of unexplained infertility.

Can unexplained infertility spread through genetic code?

While the reason behind unexplained infertility remains unknown, it can be determined if unexplained infertility spread through with the help of epigenome. Unlike genetic code, epigenome can be modified according to the lifestyle of an individual. Individual’s way of living also determines fertility, so unexplained infertility can’t be hereditary.

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