Why do I need a Bariatric Surgery?

With the changes in lifestyle, the dependence on unhealthy eating habits has increased. There is a certain pattern of living and the simultaneous intake of calories that become part of daily life often leading to Obesity. According to a study conducted by New England Journal of Medicine after China, India is home for second highest number of obese (14.4 million) children in the world.

Obesity has now become an urban epidemic and the number of weight loss and weight control programmes in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad have definitely increased manifolds. One can also undergo Bariatric Surgery in Delhi and defeat the demon of obesity with effectiveness.

How do I go for Bariatric Surgery in Delhi?

Delhi is the heart of India and a very well equipped destination when you speak of medicine and health care services. It is empowered with advanced technology and a hub for world-class medical care.  Bariatric surgery in Delhi will enable the patients to successfully shun the weight and start a healthy life.

A very important factor that makes bariatric surgery in Delhi lucrative is the comparative cost of bariatric surgery in India which is around 40-70 per cent less than other parts of the world. For example, the cost of a Gastric Sleeve surgery in Delhi will starts somewhere around USD 5000 while, the starting cost for a Gastric Bypass around USD 5500 which is very less compared to that of the world.

Bariatric surgery is performed by an efficient and highly qualified surgery team including best bariatric surgeons, weight-loss specialist, nurses, pulmonologists, nutritionist, fitness experts, cardiologists, rehabilitation therapists, cosmetic surgeons and psychiatric staff.

The medical team for Bariatric Surgery in Delhi belongs to leading hospitals from Delhi like Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare, BLK, Manipal Hospitals and Columbia Asia. Word has it that the weight-loss specialist from these hospitals hold a great reputation and are highly professional.

How do I know I am obese?

Obesity is synonymous with extra boy weight and accumulation of fat which may be a result of a lot of causes like overeating, junk food eating, inactivity, genetics, medical issues or alcohol.

However, to confirm one's obesity in scientific terms, we need to measure Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI basically an assessment of your health using your height and weight. If your BMI is 40 or more you will be considered morbidly obese. Hence, making you a prospective bariatric surgery candidate.

However, if your BMI is between 30 to 39 along with health problems relating to obesity you may still have to go for a Bariatric surgery. But, in case you succeed in managing your weight through medication and diet, the same can be avoided in the second scenario.

What is the Best Bariatric Surgery for me?

Bariatric Surgery in Delhi is carried out with utmost precision by an expert medical team of surgeons and state of the art facilities. The process of Bariatric surgery is majorly devised around the concepts of restriction and diversion. By restriction we mean, reducing the size of what a person can eat by reducing the size of a person’s stomach.

While diversion is about changing the route of the food i.e., we divert a portion of the food around the small intestine (approx. 2 feet) which leads to lesser food intake by the body. It also leads to change in levels of enzymes and hormones in the digestive tract that gives you the instinct of ‘hunger’ making a person feel fuller sooner as compared to usual.

These are major types of bariatric surgery in Delhi:

  1. Gastric Banding
  2. Gastric Sleeve
  3. Gastric Bypass

All the above three surgeries are based on the above to principles of restriction and diversion. They perform by changing the structure or process of functioning of our gastrointestinal tract or our stomach and digestive system. Which leads to a change in energy balance and metabolism of a body. The best Bariatric surgery will be decided by the doctor depending on the case and subject. However, surgery is just a means to achieve the final act of weight loss which is also dependent on many post-surgery methods suggested and advised by your doctors. Hence, for best bariatric surgery one needs to be aware of many other factors that make the procedure successful.

Why Medmonks?

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