The word obesity might not still sound like a disease to people and that often misleads us in differentiating the cause from the effect. Obesity is a multilayered and complex disease which further causes various medical problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, back pain, high knee pain, cancer, etc.

Hence, it is a chain of problems started with one root cause which many of us tend to ignore. If you are suffering from problems that are caused by weight gain then treatment for obesity exists and it is time to take an action.

Bariatric surgery is one such treatment, it is a surgery, which helps in weight loss. It is not a surgery for everyone or anyone looking at losing weight. But, there are certain criteria for someone to be best suited for bariatric surgery. The cost of bariatric surgery in India is comparatively lesser than other parts of the world. In fact, you might find a slight variation in costs within India, for example, the cost of bariatric surgery in Hyderabad will be slightly different than that in Delhi.

Bariatric Surgery is performed in certain different formats like Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Banding and the kind of surgery that will be performed on a patient depends on his/her condition. The basic criteria that decide whether a person needs surgery or not are Body Mass Index or BMI. If a patient has BMI lesser than 30 he or she is not suitable for the operation, while a patient with more than 32 BMI is ideal for a surgery. However, a patient with 30-32 BMI may or may need to undergo an operation. 

Many patients often get scared at the name of surgeries, but there is nothing to be scared. The surgeons who perform the operation our highly trained and certified by recognised institutions. They are experienced and Bariatric surgery is not a risky process. Think of the surgery as a one-time investment and do not worry about the cost of bariatric surgery.

So, if it is necessary to go for surgery as per your tests then, please do not delay the needful surgical procedures. Put your doubts at rest because Cost of Bariatric surgery in India is affordable and the also guarantee quality care at world-renowned hospitals and well trained professional doctors.

The surgery will help in reducing the medical problems that were triggered by obesity in the first place. Bariatric Surgery cost in Hyderabad is somewhere around USD 6000. The comparative cost of bariatric surgery in Hyderabad vis a vis world is 40-70 per cent less. The cost varies according to the surgery one is prescribed as a  starting cost for Gastric Sleeve surgery will be somewhere around USD 5000 and that of Gastric Bypass is approximately USD 5500.

Hyderabad is not only scenic and a major tourist destination for people, but it also speaks of very efficient and world-class medical facilities. Hence, making it an ideal medical tourism destination. Yashoda Hospitals is one such reputed and reliable chain of hospitals. Their three hospitals have admitted more than 25,00,000 patients and performed more than 2,00,000 surgical processes over the last 5 years and conducted 1,00,000 major surgeries every year.

Hence the cost of Bariatric Surgery in Hyderabad at facilities like Yashoda Hospital or Global hospitals is not only worth it but also a step in the right direction. Doctors like Dr T L V D Prasad Babu from Global Hospitals is a very experienced bariatric and GastroIntestinal Surgeon. He comes with more than 17 years of experience.

Medmonks makes are that its patents are held in most reliable and safe hands because when needs to be really careful in medical procedures. You cannot take chances with your health at any cost. Hence, trust us to bring to you services and medical facilities that are not only world class but highly secure and reliable. We take care of every need of our patients, right from appointments to tests and even healing needs for recuperation thereafter. Medmonks has the best in mind for you, we take care of your overall needs like hospital management, treatment counselling or post-surgery therapy alongside ensuring a steady check at the cost that the patient will have to put in for all these in India.