Instead of downing bowls of sinful ice cream, beat the blues of a break-up by hitting the gym. After all, looking your best is the deadliest form of revenge! At least, that’s what celebs like Khloe Kardashian believe in. The reality TV star has been credited with popularising the revenge bod concept after she started hosting a show, in which women lost weight and got body makeovers after a failed relationship to show their exes what they were missing out on. She also revealed her own motivation to exercise with a vengeance -her split from basketball player Lamar Odom and constantly being referred to as the `fat’ Kardashian sister. She shed 16 kilos, thanks to an intense fitness regime and diet.

How it can help

According to a study in 2013, researchers demonstrated that exercise serves as an immediate relief for emotional stressors like a bad break-up. A workout is an ideal way to deal with heartache because it releases the feel-good endorphins, which help lift your mood, increase self-confidence and make you happier.

The revenge workout Single dumbbell clean and press

This bodybuilding staple encourages muscle growth. It incorporates muscles from the legs up to the shoulders, triceps and biceps. To intensify your workout, use a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell. Lateral band walking It engages many of the deep muscles that stabilise the pelvis. When done as a warm-up exercise, it can improve hip and knee joint stability . Renegade row Because it combines three exercises -pushups, plank rows and mountain climbers -into one, this workout is effective for core-directed strength training techniques. It mainly targets your core, shoulders and upper back.

Reverse lunge with high knee It does wonders for shaping and toning the butt and thigh areas without the use of weights. It works several muscles of the lower body and offers a host of other benefits that can help improve overall health and performance.

Celebs who got fit to get even

After her divorce from actor Ryan Phillippe, Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon hit the gym with a vengeance and was seen on the red carpet in a sexy yellow dress that comple mented her super slim body.

TV star Kaley Cuoco showed off her amazing abs on social media after announcing her divorce from tennis pro Ryan Sweeting. Pop star Britney Spears let her svelte avatar and insane yoga moves do the talking in her latest posts, just after her split from producer Charlie Ebersol.

The vendetta diet for your soul

Apart from channelising all your emotions while exercising, here are a few other ways that will help you get over a failed romance.Do a `spring cleaning’ and get rid of all your ex’s stuff mementoes, pictures, gifts that remind you of your relationship. This also includes deleting them from all your social media profiles. Keep yourself busy. Go for get togethers, parties and movie. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, instead of being all by yourself, even if that’s what you really want.