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6 Signs That Tell You To Really Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery

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6 Signs That Tell You To Really Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Problems related to the knee are fairly common nowadays, thanks to the sedentary lifestyle, increased physical inactivity, and improper daily nutrient compliance. In fact, it is estimated that almost 40 percent of the people aged between 25 and 60 suffer from some kind of problem related to the knee.

The problems related to the knee could be as small as a minor pain in the knee on movement, and as big as osteoarthritis and muscle damage of the knee. The first line of treatment for knee pain and other knee-related conditions usually include physical therapy, medications, lifestyle modification and ointments. However, in some cases, the orthopedic doctor may suggest a knee replacement surgery.

A knee replacement surgery is an invasive procedure in which the surgeon removes the damaged knee joint and surrounding bones and replaces it with an artificial knee joint or an implant. It is also known as prosthesis and it works similar to how a natural knee works.

Even though the doctor may suggest you to undergo knee replacement surgery, it is up to you to decide whether you should agree to it to not. In other words, you should think twice whether your condition is severe enough to opt for a knee replacement surgery. The basic question one should ask themselves is that how badly does the affected knee interrupt your daily routine and how much of it one can bear.

Further, there are certain things that you must consider to figure out whether you should really undergo knee replacement surgery or not. These signs are common among all patients who opt for knee arthroplasty and experience an improved quality of life afterward.

The 6 most common signs that you should look for to decide whether to undergo knee replacement surgery or not include the following:

#1: Popping sounds: Is there any sound that you hear when you move your knee? The popping or crackling noise that you hear when you fold your knee is a clear indication that you need to get your knee replaced.

#2: Inflammation and swelling: Swelling in the knee hurt a lot. If you continue to remain in pain because of the inflammation and welling of the knee muscles, it’s time for you to consider knee replacement surgery.

#3: Water retention: Retention of water, also known as edema, in the knee is another tell-tale sign for knee replacement surgery. Retention of watery fluids around the knee cavity and tissues may take place naturally as the person ages or it may take place because of an injury.

#4: Reduced movement: Healthy knees play an important role in locomotion, However, when the knee muscles and knee joint get damaged. the freedom of movement is restricted. As a result, simple actions such as sitting, standing up after sitting, walking, and folding knees may become next to impossible because of the resulting pain. If this continues to happen over a period of time, then you should consider knee replacement surgery.

#5: No improvement: If the pain and inflammation do not subside even after taking the medications, applying the ointments, and attending physical therapy sessions, then knee replacement surgery is possibly the only option left for pain relief.

#6: Delayed pain: Constant knee pain or pain that returns frequently or after some kind of activity indicates that you must consult a doctor, who may call for knee replacement surgery.


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