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Every third person in the world has a vision disorder. And according to a survey it is estimated that these people can spend up to USD 60000 on spectacles, and lens in their lifetime.

These expenses can be controlled if the patient opts for a permanent solution like surgery. However, the cost of eye surgery being quite expensive in western countries; people prefer delaying the treatment.

But now, international patients can easily come to India and receive medical facilities at an affordable price.

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Best Eye Surgeons/ophthalmologists in Delhi

1. Dr Suraj Munjal
Dr. Suraj Munjal MBBS - The Sight Avenue   
Hospital: The Sight Avenue, Delhi

Position: HOD & Senior Consultant│ Ophthalmology Department 

Experience: 21 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ophthalmology)

Dr Suraj Munjal currently works at The Sight Avenue Eye Hospital as its Ophthalmology Department’s HOD and consulting senior. Dr Munjal has performed more than 1000 corneal transplants, 1000 squint surgeries, 10000 LASIK surgeries and 25000 cataract surgeries in his career.

Dr Suraj is also associated with Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh and Vasant Kunj. Dr Munjal is also a member of Delhi Ophthalmologic Society, Squint Society of India and European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeries.

The sight avenue Eye Hospital operates 500 eye surgeries every month, including Retina, Lasik, Oculoplasty and Cataract procedures.

2. Dr Sudipto Pakrasi 


Hospital: Medanta The Medicity, Delhi-NCR

Position: Chairman│ Ophthalmology Department

Experience: 36 Years

Education: MBBS │ MS│ DNB (Ophthalmology)

Dr Sudipto Pakrasi is the current chairman of Ophthalmology Unit at Medanta The Medicity in Delhi NCR. Dr Pakrasi has years of experience in treating and managing corneal diseases, cataract and refractive surgery.

In merely 33 months, Dr Sudipto Pakrasi, along with his team, performed 1500 plus Femto Laser Cataract Surgeries after joining Medanta. The Delhi eye surgeon is also known for pioneering phacoemulsification technique in the country.

3. Dr Anita Sethi 


Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Delhi-NCR

Position: Director│ Ophthalmology/ Eye Surgery

Experience: 25 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS│ DNB (Ophthalmology)

Dr Anita Sethi is presently working at Fortis Memorial Research Institute as the director of its Ophthalmology Department in Gurugram. Dr Anita Sethi is amongst the best ophthalmologists in Delhi.

Dr Sethi has a keen interest in performing Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery. She is proficient in performing anterior segment surgeries like LASIK and Phacoemulsification Surgery.

Dr Anita played a key role in establishing Ophthalmic Services at Nova Specialty Hospital and Artemis Health Institute.

4. Dr Ranjana Mithal 

Hospital: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Position: Head Consultant│ Ophthalmology Department

Experience: 31 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ophthalmology)│ Fellowship (Microsurgery | Retina Lasers | Phaco Surgery)

Dr Ranjana Mithal works at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital as a consulting ophthalmologist in Delhi. Dr Mithal has done his fellowship training in retina lasers, microsurgery and Phaco surgery, and has gained 25 years of experience in the following fields.

Dr Ranjana is a member of Cataract & Refractive Society of India, Glaucoma Society of India, and All India Ophthalmological Society of India.

5. Dr Vivek Garg 

Hospital: BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

Position: Associate Consultant│ Ophthalmology Department

Experience: 20 Years

Education: MBBS│ DOMS│ Fellowship (Cataract Phacoemulsification Surgery)

Dr Vivek Garg is the Associate Consultant of the Ophthalmology department at BLK Super Speciality Hospital.

He has trained and has expertise in performing intraocular lens implantation and cataract surgery.

In the last 20 years, Dr Vivek Garg has performed over 10,000 plus cataract surgeries.

Dr Garg also has additional training in treating Retinal Diseases and Glaucoma Management, which he completed from AIIMS.

6. Dr Shibal Bhartiya
Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Delhi-NCR

Position: Senior Consultant (Glaucoma Specialist)│ Ophthalmology

Experience: 11 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ophthalmology)

Dr Shibal Bhartiya is amongst the top Glaucoma surgeons in Delhi, who has a special interest in treating ocular surface diseases and managing glaucoma.

Dr Bhartiya is the senior consultant of Ophthalmology Department at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram, Delhi NCR.

Dr Shibal is also a professional member of Glaucoma Society of India, America Academy of Ophthalmology, Strabismological Society of India, All India Ophthalmological Society and International Society of Glaucoma Surgery.

7. Dr Sanjiv Gupta 


Hospital: Jaypee Hospital, Noida, Delhi-NCR

Position: Founder & Chairman │ Ophthalmology Department

Experience: 25 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ophthalmology)

Dr Sanjiv Gupta also founded I Care Center in 2007, where all types of eye disorders and diseases are corrected using advanced technology.

Dr Gupta is the Chairman of the Ophthalmology Department at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi.

He specializes in performing refractive surgery and also has a vast experience handling cases of phaco-emulsification surgeries.

Before Jaypee Hospital, Dr Sanjiv has also worked at Max Hospital and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

8. Dr Purnima Sahni Sood 


Hospital: Jaypee Hospital, Noida, Delhi-NCR

Position: Associate Director │ Ophthalmology

Experience: 23 Years

Education: MBBS│ MD (Ophthalmology)│ Fellowship (Vitreo-Retina)

Dr Purnima Sahni Sood is the associate director of Jaypee Hospital. She provides consultation to more than 100 patients every month.

Some of the services offered by Dr Purnima includes Fundus Fluorescein Angiography, Retina Surgery, Lasik, Corneal Surgery and Eye Muscle Surgery. Dr Sahni is amongst the best eye doctors in Delhi, with 23 years of experience in the field.

9. Dr Neha Rathi 

Hospital: Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi

Position: Consultant│ Ophthalmologist

Experience: 17 Years

Education: MBBS│ DNB (Ophthalmology)

Dr Neha Rathi amongst the best eye specialists in Delhi. Currently, she is associated with Venkateshwar Hospital, where she works as a consulting ophthalmologist.

Dr Neha Rathi has a lot of experience and expertise in providing treatment facilities for eye squint (strabismus), and she has successfully treated more than 1000 such cases in her career so far.

Dr Rathi is also a member of Delhi Ophthalmological Society that awarded her with Dr HS Trehan Trophy for her work.

10. Dr Dinesh Talwar 

Hospital: Centre for Sight, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi

Position: Senior Consultant │ Ophthalmology

Experience: 30 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ophthalmology)

Dr Dinesh Talwar is the senior consultant of Ophthalmology Department at Centre of Sight and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Dr Talwar has also worked at AIIMS as an associate professor.

Some of the services offered by Dr Dinesh include traumatic retinal detachment, treatment of eye & vision disorders, diabetes mellitus and correction of retinal detachments.

Dr Dinesh Talwar is also associated with Vitreo Retina Society of India, American Academy of Ophthalmology, All India Ophthalmological Society and Delhi Ophthalmological Society.

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