What is eye surgery and the type of eye surgeries

Surgery of the eye or the adnexa i.e. accessory visual structures like eye brow, eyelids etc is called eye surgery. It is also referred to as ocular surgery. Performed by practised ophthalmologists, eye surgery procedures are very complex and require extreme care and safety preparations.

Corrective eye surgery has been around for some time now. With the advancement of technologies and tools, today there are various methods available for corrective surgery. A few of these being –

1. Cataract surgery– Cataract is the condition in which the eye’s crystalline lens becomes opaque or cloudy due to ageing, disease or trauma. This cloudiness prevents the light from entering the retina and forming a clear image. In cataract surgery the crystalline lens is removed with a plastic intraocular lens. This is one of the most common types if eye surgery in India and all over the world.

2. Glaucoma surgery – A group of diseases that affects the optic nerve and results in vision loss is called Glaucoma. This kind of eye surgery include various procedures such as lowering intraocular pressure thus reducing the production of aqueous humour or facilitating the escape of excess of aqueous humour.

3. Refractive surgery– Refractive surgery includes various procedures that help in correcting the refraction in the eye and reduces or eliminates the use of corrective lenses.

Reasons for eye surgery and how to choose the best procedure for yourself-

Medical history – Conditions like diabetes make it difficult for you to opt for any other corrective surgeries except for laser procedures. As diabetes and other such conditions prevent wounds from healing, it is better to opt for laser treatments.

1. Recovery time– Consider the recovery period before undergoing the eye procedures. Work out the factors like leaves from work, not being able to drive etc. The recovery might take a short period or a long period depending on the type of surgery you go for. Be sure that you will be able to devote a few days for recovery.

2. The reputation of the doctor– Be sure of the practitioner that you are planning to go ahead with. Be sure of the skill and the reputation of the doctor and the facility. Find a skilled facility and do the research on your part too. Learn about the successful operations and positive references. Take suggestions and make sure you check out a couple of facilities before zeroing in the best one.

3. Your age– Go for a treatment that is appropriate for as per your age. Consider the healing process and then go for a procedure that helps you heal faster and better as per your age.

4. The complications and risks involved– Eye surgery can make a great difference in your life but consider the risks involved. Effects such as dry eye syndrome, temporary loss vision or you might still need glasses or contacts after the surgery.

 Why choose to undergo eye surgery in India

1. Lesser cost of travelling – People travel to India from all over the world due to lesser cost of travelling within the country thus reducing the overall expenses.

2. Post surgery rehabilitation – Living cost in India is lesser as compared to the first world countries hence, the cost of recovery stay in India is less than in countries like US, UK or Canada.

3. Reputed doctors – The doctors and facilities for eye surgery in India are state of the art.

4. Better availability of dates– the practitioners and facilities in India have better availability of dates for the eye surgery treatments.