What is sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy, a particular type of weight-loss technique, involves a procedure of removal of a major portion of the stomach along the greater curvature, forming a tube-shaped or sleeve-like structure. This procedure can reduce the stomach's size by up to 15% permanently, however, the patient who has undergone this surgery could experience some dilatation of the stomach in the later parts of life.

How does it work?

This treatment method eliminates ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger and limits the quantity of food taken by the concerned person. As the food intake is reduced, the body ceases storing additional calories and begins using the fat for producing energy.

Who is a good candidate for sleeve gastrectomy?

An individual with Body Mass Index of 50 or more is an ideal candidate for sleeve gastrectomy.

What happens during and after sleeve gastrectomy?

During Sleeve gastrectomy:

in this procedure, the operating surgeon makes a few small cuts in the stomach of the patient. He or she inserts a laparoscope that helps in gaining a clear view of the inner parts of the stomach. The surgeon uses high-precision medical instruments to eliminate 3/4 of the stomach afterwards. The remaining part of the stomach is attached back to produce a sleeve or tube.

After Sleeve gastrectomy:

The patient can be expected to stay at the hospitals for around 2 to 12 days before being discharged, depending on the extent of the surgery and risk of complications if any. Doctors monitor the vitals of the patient. When the recovery period is in its infancy, the patient can experience pain, irregular bowel movements, constipation etc. To ensure faster recovery, the patient is asked to refrain from lifting heavy objects as it may give tremendous fatigue. Also, the patient is advised to increase the liquid intake to evade dehydration.

How much time a bariatric surgeon needs to complete sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy takes around 1.5 to 3.5 hours to complete.

Are there any complications associated with the procedure?

Though Indian bariatric surgeons have the necessary expertise to perform a sleeve gastrectomy with absolute precision, there are a few risks involved including, blood clots, excessive bleeding, wound infections, bowel obstruction, vomiting, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), and Gastroparesis.

What is the cost of sleeve gastrectomy in India?

Along with quality and high success rate, Indian brain tumor surgery hospitals are known for offering treatments at a fraction of the cost. The average cost of sleeve gastrectomy in India starts from USD 5000

What does the cost depend upon?

The cost of the  sleeve gastrectomy rests upon a variety of factors, such as

1. Type of the hospital (Government/Trust/Private) chosen by the patient- whether the facility is an accredited one.

2. The room category elected by the patient

3. Qualification and Expertise of the specialist

4. Use of insurance if any.

5. Mode of technology and the approach used

6.  Type of Anesthesia or Sedation being given to the patient

7. Type of screening examination and diagnostic procedures used

8. The extent of the surgery required

9. Patient’s diagnosis and general health condition

10. Medications prescribed by the doctors during after the surgery

11. Follow-up care

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