What is a Robotic Heart Surgery?

Heart is a key organ in a human being, it not only pumps blood but also plays a crucial role in keeping the body healthy. However, once one contracts an infection in the heart, it becomes lethal and puts an individual at greater odds of cardiac arrest. There is a wide range of alternatives which one can adopt for tackling cardiac complexities, the most widespread and safest of them is undergoing an open heart surgery, which involves opening the chest wall. Hospitals in India have embarked upon a minimally invasive futuristic vocation, thereby surpassing and delivering quality in the most cost-effective manner. Fascinatingly, India has become a hub for inexpensive yet world-class heart care services and has a large number of proficient teams of cardiac surgeons with best heart hospitals in India. This makes it a natural choice for international patients to avail cardiac surgery services.

An Epoch of Robotic Era?

Pertaining to the fact that worldwide, the volumes of coronary or heart bypass surgeries are skyrocketing, therefore it becomes inevitable for any patient to choose the treatment their heart deserves. India has outclassed in delivering the best treatment to the patients in the international space. There is a wide range of technologies that are being practised, one of the novel techniques is the robotic heart surgery in India. Robot-assisted surgery is performed via da-Vinci robot and this technique is extensively being recommended by cardiac patients universally. In the age of bots, robotic heart surgeries have shown potential and have played a vital role in revolutionising the technique, thereby opening doors to complex heart surgeries being performed with ease at the best Indian cardiac surgery hospitals. The pros of undergoing a robotic cardiac surgery in India is that comparatively there is less loss of blood, and it also mitigates the chances of blood transfusion. Comparatively, it does not have a long hospital admittance and is associated with markedly reduced pain and scar with enhanced recovery rate. Undergoing a robotic heart surgery holds potential only when the doctors give you a nod as an apt candidate. The right patient selection makes all the difference all the time!

Why is getting cardiothoracic surgery in India an inevitable and excellent option?

Robot-assisted cardiac surgeries have glimmered hope amongst the patients by introducing them to a nearly invasive technique that is executed via a computer console which controls the surgical appliances aided by robotic muscles. Robotic Heart Surgery in India targets a variety of cardiac diseases like Mitral valve repair, pertaining to valve complication.  Another one is Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), a procedure which clears the path for clogged arteries and heart vessels, by making a new route of vessels thereby aiding that blood flow. Among these diseases, another one which can be targeted is atrial septal defect repair, a procedure done to fill the hole in the artery wall.

Biventricular pacemaker lead placement for cardiac failure is another approach which is performed with the help of robots, it involves placing wires on the inner space of the ventricles and the wires are connected to a biventricular pacemaker which brings your heartbeat rhythm to normal. However, India is your best take to undergo cardiac surgery or any other surgery pertaining to cardiac procedures, especially with the latest Robot-assisted technique.  It is available at best heart hospital in India and is performed by top heart surgeon in India who are not only adept in managing surgical methods but also are also adroit in treating heart patients with ultra-care. India is a home to one of the most skilled cardiothoracic surgeon in the world who has a good amount of surgeries to their credit. With upgraded know-how of technical procedures, state-of-the-art infrastructure and an expertise in the similar domain makes India an ideal medical tourism destination. Robotic heart surgeries involve making incisions which are not more than 2 inches deep and hence the 3D amplification permits improved correctness than traditional cardiac surgeries and pave a way for surgeons to target the most complex cardiothoracic ailments.

Cost of Robotic heart surgery in India?

The success rates of Indian heart surgeries are paramount, the success rate of esteemed centres for heart treatment is close to 98%, which is unquestionably top-notch. The cost of a heart surgery in India is one-tenth of US. The cost of robotic heart surgery in IND ranges with the type of procedure one undergoes, medical condition of the patient, medical practitioner, infrastructure and the preferred choice of a treatment centre. The cost of robotic cardiothoracic surgery in India lies approximately starting from USD 6000-7000 and diverges depending upon various aspects as elucidated above.