As colossal and vibrant as its orange color, beta carotene powder fills the life of people suffering from night-blindness with light and effervescence. In fact, a variety of eye-related disorders can be treated with the intake of beta-carotene powder.

Medically called as nyctalopia, night blindness is a condition of eye in which the concerned individual finds it difficult to see when the light is dim owing to a deficiency in Vitamin A. There are cases wherein, certain individuals with night vision issues undergo problems such as haze and glare, even when the level of light is ordinary. Such problems may serve as an obstruction in processing the visual data. Once the condition worsens and progresses into blindness in case the insufficiency of Vitamin A is left unattended.

Ergo, people who fail to recognize different images when the dim is light can be suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin A leading to night blindness. These people can fulfill the Vitamin A deficiency by taking beta-carotene powder.

As far as the anatomy of the eye is concerned, a vital chemical component called as rhodopsin or visual purple lies in the rods and cones of the retina. Rods and cones undergo a chemical change because of the light that falls on the retina. Such fast changes call for a large quantity of Vitamin A to work effectively. In case a person does not have enough Vitamin A to support the function of rods and cones, problems like night-blindness can occur.

Why Beta Carotene?

Night blindness can be treated by taking beta-carotene powder, research says. As per the study, as soon as beta-carotene powder is taken, it gets converted into Vitamin A or retinol, which can address the deficiency.

A school of thought might state why not take Vitamin A supplement instead. This can be done, however, the fact is taking Vitamin A directly can make a person prone to several side-effects; some complications can be devastating. Among the many side-effects, severe headaches, joint pain, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting and spleen and liver enlargement are quite common. On the contrary, taking beta-carotene powder can help one stay away from such side-effects completely. This is because, beta carotene powder can get converted into Vitamin A that can be used by the body, allowing the person to not become prone to complications as mentioned above.

In addition, the risks of overdose are completely eliminated in case of beta-carotene powder. This is because the body uses the only a limited amount of beta-carotene to convert it into Vitamin A as needed by the body.  This means, the instance when the body detects that it has an adequate amount of vitamin A and more is not required, further conversion is suspended. This clearly shows that intake of beta-carotene powder is safer when it comes to treating night blindness issue. It is free from complications, the only side-effect can be skin discoloration on your face, palms and soles of the feet that may have a yellowish orange appearance.

So, the next time you are unable to see clearly in the dark, try taking beta-carotene powder, instead of using a flashlight for assistance. If the situation is beyond prevention,  eye surgery will be required.