What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy, also known as diagnostic laparoscopy, is a surgery performed to examine the organs of the abdomen. The laparoscopic surgery involves small incisions in the abdomen. The laparoscopic surgery is also called minimally invasive surgery, bandaid surgery, keyhole surgery.

The laparoscopic surgery is commonly used to determine pelvic inflammatory diseases, pelvic pain or some cases of endometriosis. The laparoscopic surgery is a very cost-effective procedure with a short recovery period.

The vital element in laparoscopic surgery is the use of the laparoscope, a long fibre optic cable which allows the surgeon to view the affected area.

When laparoscopy is used to diagnose the condition of any patient, the procedure usually takes about 30- 60 minutes. Delhi has the best laparoscopy hospitals and surgeons across the country and the laparoscopy cost in Delhi is very nominal.

Why is laparoscopy performed?

Laparoscopy can be performed for various reasons-

1. To check for and possibly eliminate any abnormal growths (tumours) in the belly or pelvis region.

2. To check for and treat disorders such as endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory diseases. 

3. To do a biopsy.

4. To check for damage to the internal organs after an injury or accident.

5. To see whether cancer from another part of the body has spread to the belly.

What are Advantages of laparoscopy?

There are some advantages of performing laparoscopic surgery which include:

1. Reduced haemorrhaging, which decreases the chances of needing a blood transfusion.

2. Small incisions while doing surgery, which reduces pain and shortens the recovery time.

3. Lesser pain felt, leading to fewer pain medications needed

4. Hospital stay is less, with sometimes leading to same-day discharge

5. There is minimal scarring in case of laparoscopic surgery as compared to other operations performed.

What does Laparoscopy cost in Delhi?

The laparoscopy surgery in Delhi is a very affordable procedure that requires very less time to operate, and the hospital stay is also not too extended. The laparoscopy cost in Delhi depends on the type of surgery being performed, and the hospital costs also need to be taken into consideration. Anyways, the laparoscopy cost in Delhi ranges from USD 1500. The price is decidedly less when compared to the shocking costs in western countries. The low laparoscopy cost in Delhi is probably the main reason why patients from foreign countries come to India for treatment. The state of art facilities and skilled surgeons in the healthcare facilities in Delhi guarantee a 100 percent positive result.

What are Best Laparoscopy hospitals in Delhi?

Delhi boasts some of the finest hospitals for laparoscopic surgeries to be performed and the laparoscopy cost in Delhi hospitals is very nominal. Some of them include:

1. Venkateshwar Hospital- Venkateshwara Hospital is an amalgamation of state of the art technology and experienced medical practitioners under one roof for giving excellent medical care.

2. Rockland Hospital- VPS Rockland is a part of VPS Healthcare group, an internationally renowned hospital chain in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The laparoscopy hospital has a fully integrated healthcare delivery system to provide primary, secondary and tertiary care services.

3. Ayushman Hospital- With an impeccable track record in providing outstanding healthcare facilities to the people of Delhi, Ayushman Hospital offers most exceptional medical, surgical, nursing and technological support under one roof at a reasonable laparoscopy cost in Delhi.