Eye transplant in India can help restore normal and full vision in patient suffering from partial or complete clouding of the cornea. The best eye surgery hospitals in India conduct this surgery at a highly affordable cost.

Eye surgery in India is conducted at all major multispeciality hospitals and eye centers. Cornea transplant involves the removal of clouded cornea from the eyes of the patients and its replacement with a normal, healthy cornea retrieved from the body of recently deceased donor.
Eye transplant in India was a rare possibility a few years back. This is because the relatives of the deceased donor candidates were not willing to donate the eyes because of appearance issues. However, researchers developed a new technique through which it is now possible to remove just the cornea from the eyes of the deceased donor, and leave the rest of the structure as is.

This advancement in the use of technology now allows eye surgery hospitals in India to conduct thousands of cornea transplantation procedures in a year. Moreover, now an increasingly large number of people consider organ donation and eye donation as a noble act.

This is the reason why eye transplant surgery in India can be conducted around the year due to availability of healthy cornea for transplant.
On the other hand, the cost of eye transplant in India is one of the lowest in the world. The cornea transplantation cost in India is just a fraction of what it costs in the Western countries, especially the UK and the US.

The difference in the cost of eye surgery in India and abroad exists despite the fact that the quality of medical services offered in India are at par with the international standards. The top eye surgery hospitals in India are accredited by certification bodies such as NABH and JCI.