Patients seeking eye-care treatments from across the globe are flying to India in large number due to a host of reasons such as,

1. Renowned medical facilities with world-class infrastructure

2. Globally acclaimed eye surgeons with a vast knowledge base

3. Accessibility of premium-grade medical instruments and other devices

4. Professional and compassionate medical services

Apart from reasons as mentioned above, the cost is one of the other significant factors that is driving people from countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, African countries etc. to get eye-care treatments or surgery at India's top-notch medical facilities.

FAQ - Eye Surgery in India

What is eye surgery?

Eye surgery is an umbrella term that involves treating the eye-related problems via surgery with the aid of an ophthalmologist. Eye surgeons in India use different techniques, from cataract surgery to orbital implants for providing a successful solution to eye and vision problems.

What are the types of eye surgery?

Indian medical facilities' are fully equipped with expert surgeons and tools to perform various types of eye surgery including,

1. Cataract surgery: Cataract surgery involves a procedure of replacement of natural eye lens turned cloudy with an intraocular (artificial) lens, to regain normal vision. Being a highly successful and safe procedure, cataract surgery can be performed in either or both eyes of the patient.

Eye surgeons working at India's best eye and treatment care hospitals employ three approaches to execute cataract surgery that includes,

•    Extracapsular Cataract Surgery: Performed when the eye lens is too opaque for Phacoemulsification, Extracapsular Cataract Surgery involves suturing with a longer recovery period.

•    Intracapsular Cataract Surgery: This procedure uses big incisions and involves the entire removal of the adjoining capsule and lens.

•    Phacoemulsification: In this type of cataract surgery, ultrasonic vibrations are used to dissolve hazy lens by inserting a probe, under local anaesthesia.

2. Corrective surgery: Photorefractive keratectomy and LASIK are the two most common corrective eye surgery techniques used in India. While the former type is recommended for patients with a thin cornea, the latter category is used for the elimination of corneal tissue with the help of a precision laser. These procedures are used to correct common eye errors such as Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Myopia

3. Orbital surgery: This particular type of eye surgery is generally recommended for people with eye tumors and congenital defects. Surgeons use either silicone/bioceramic orbital implants or orbital tissue expander to treat enucleation, evisceration and anophthalmia conditions. These orbital implants are meant to safeguard the natural structure of eye against a possible trauma.

4. Glaucoma surgery: This surgery is performed by a surgeon to cut down the intraocular pressure to restore clear vision. Glaucoma surgery can be executed either by using the conventional method or laser technique.

5. Refractive eye surgery: Refractive errors such as hyperopia, presbyopia, myopia and astigmatism can be treated by performing a refractive surgery. By creating a clear circular dome in front of the eye, refractive eye surgery helps in increasing the eye's focus.

6. Lip repair surgery: Lip surgery can be performed due to functional or cosmetic reasons. The condition of droopy eyelids can be treated with the help of this surgery.

Apart from surgical intervention techniques used to treat eye problems, eye surgery can be used to cure problems of squint eye, and various types of eye cancer including Retinoblastoma, Conjunctival Melanoma, Lacrimal Gland Tumor, Intraocular Lymphoma, Eyelid Carcinoma, and Hemangioma.

What is the cost of eye surgery in India?

Eye surgery cost in India is one-fourth the costs charged in developing counterparts like the US. For example, the price of Laser Cataract Surgery in India is approximately USD 1500 per eye, in developing countries like the US, the cost of the same procedure starts from is $5,080. Similarly, the cost of glaucoma surgery in India costs around USD 700 per eye contrary to exorbitant USD 4900 in the US.

Hence, India is becoming the premium choice for people from around the world seeking eye care treatments or surgeries at affordable costs.

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