Frequently asked questions about Cochlear implant

What is a cochlear implant?

The cochlear implant is a term given to a small, complex electronic device that can restore a person's hearing capability partially. As a matter of fact, this device helps in providing a sense of sound to a person who is either completely or partially deaf.

What does a cochlear implant consist of?

The cochlear implant consists of two major portions; one that rests behind the ear and the second that is positioned under the skin using surgical means. The cochlear implant comprises of following parts including,

1. A microphone, that seizes or captures the sound signals from the external environment.

2. A speech processor, that makes the selection and arrangement of sounds captured by the microphone.

3.  A transmitter and receiver or stimulator, that catches the signals generated by the speech processor and converts it into electric impulses.

4. An array of electrodes, that gather the set of electric impulses produced from the transmitter and transmits them to the various regions of the auditory nerve.

Who are all in the implant team?

Audiologists, surgeons, medical experts, speech-language educators and counsellors work as a team to carry out a cochlear implant in a person.

What are set of diagnostic screening procedures conducted for cochlear implantation?

The implant team conduct a variety of screening tests and procedures including, audiogram, a hearing aid evaluation, CT or MRI scans to check the condition of the ear in detail.

What happens during the implant procedure?

The cochlear implant procedure takes around 2.5 to 3 hours for completion. The steps of this procedure involve the following mentioned steps:

1. First, the surgeon makes a small incision behind the ear followed by the bone exposure that allows the insertion and the security of the implant in the patient's ear. In fact, the surgeon positions the cochlear implant in the patient's posterior position, under the skin and muscle.

2. Then, a small opening is made in the patient's cochlea- this procedure is called as cochleostomy. Using this procedure, the electrode is placed inside the cochlea.

3. Finally, the skin is closed and dressing is applied.

Who can be the candidate for cochlear implants?

Cochlear implantation procedure can treat severe to a profound hearing problem in children and adults both.

In adults:

If they suffer from a serious hearing loss in both the ears and have failed to savor the benefits from hearing aids, cochlear implants are considered as the best bet. The hearing is subjected to reasons such as injury, ototoxicity and illness.

In children:

Children who are either congenitally deaf along with speech disability or suffer from a hearing loss due to an injury or illness, are considered as the ideal candidates for a cochlear implant.

What is the cost of a cochlear implant in India?

The cost of a cochlear implant in India is significantly lower than that in its western counterparts such as the US, UK, Australia etc. Simply put, India houses some of the best cochlear treatment facilities that offer cochlear implant treatments to International patients at affordable costs without compromising the quality.

The cost of the cochlear implant surgery in India starts from USD 3,500 & Cost of Implant in India starts from USD 10,000.

What factors affect the cost of cochlear implantation?

Though the average cost of cochlear implant surgery in India is USD 3,500, there are a host of factors that can make a substantial difference, such as

1. The type of hospital chosen for the treatment

2. Operating surgeon or doctor's expertise and experience

3. Type of medicines prescribed during pre or post surgery.

4. The set of screening tests and diagnostic procedures carried out.

5. Type of technique and time period involved in the Follow-up and rehabilitation of the patient.

6. Type of device being implanted.

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