Hepatitis C is a type of a viral infection caused by a virus that directly attacks the liver. As a result, the liver gets affected severely and significant inflammation is produced by the virus. It is a contagious disease that only affects others through blood contamination. Hepatitis C Treatment in India is cost effective as compare to other countries.

It is estimated that more than 150 million people around the world suffer from hepatitis C. On the other hand, almost 700,000 people die every year because of a hepatitis-induced liver disease.

A majority of people with hepatitis C do not experience any symptoms at all. Some of the people may experience specific hepatitis C symptoms, including loss of appetite, fatigue, bleeding, nausea, bloating, and weight loss.

Some individuals infected with hepatitis C virus may require no treatment at all. But some people may need immediate medical attention to stop hepatitis C symptoms from worsening, especially those related to the liver.

Why seeking hepatitis C treatment in a problem?

Hepatitis C treatment usually involves the use of specific drugs to kill the virus. The drugs are too expensive in a majority of the Western countries. It is estimated that the cost of hepatitis C treatment in the US alone is around $84000, $50000 in France, and around $13000 in Spain. The treatment here refers to the complete 12-week cycle of the drugs administered to kill the hepatitis C virus.

This is the reason why getting hepatitis C treatment in US or any other developed country is a problem. People generally avoid getting treated, and if they do, they come under great financial stress.

India: Best Destination For Hepatitis C Treatment

The cost of hepatitis C treatment in India is just a fraction of what it costs in other countries. It is estimated that the same 12-week treatment course for hepatitis C can be availed at just $1200. This is far less than what it actually costs in any other country around the world.

The cost of hepatitis C medications in India low primarily because the drugs are manufactured by the companies situated within the country. Moreover, these drugs are exported to the rest of the world by the manufacturers in India. This accounts for the low hepatitis C drugs cost in India.

Moreover scientists in India actively participate in research activities to make hepatitis C treatment more affordable and accessible to patients from India and abroad. Recently, a team of researchers discovered an antiviral that directly acts on the virus. If approved, this breakthrough discovery will make hepatitis C treatment even more affordable and cost-effective.