Cost Of Brain Tumour Surgery in Top Countries

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Brain Tumour Surgery

Brain Tumor is a very delicate procedure which demands the presence of multiple specialists and machinery in the operation theater which is responsible for the hefty cost of the procedure. However, the cost of brain tumor treatment is still very affordable in India in comparison to other countries in the world.

The following FAQs will help the patient create a budget or get an estimate of all types of cost which will be included in the brain tumor treatment.


Cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in India

1.    What is the cost of common brain tumor treatments in India?

The cost of brain tumor treatment might vary in India depending on its type. 

Cost of Craniotomy in India – $6500

Cost of Radiation therapy in India – $6000 (for 3 months)

Cost of Tomotherapy in India – $4500

Cost of Chemotherapy in India – $6000 ( for 3 months)

2.    What are the costs included in the treatment?

The cost of brain tumor treatment in India includes the cost of Room tariff (for specific days), Surgeon's/doctor’s fees, anaesthesia charges, O.T. charges, Anaesthesia charges, and necessary Investigations associated with the surgery.

3.    What are the costs excluded from the treatment?

If the patient overstays at the hospital, receives any inter-disciplinary consultations or additional procedure, or uses any special blood components/drugs/ consumables at the hospitals which are not included in the package, he/she will have to pay for the fees for these services.

4.    Why is the cost of medical treatment lower in India in comparison to other countries?

The following reasons contribute to low treatment cost in India:

Cost distribution amongst Human Resource

The cost distribution of the treatment amongst the faculty involved in the treatment of the patient is only 25% in India, while countries like France charge 90% for their human resources. The cost division structure amongst the involved department is also way more cost-effective in India.  

Law of Volume

The vast population in India is the dominant user of its medical facilities and machinery, which are used 5 to 6 times more than other countries, as more people create chances of increasing more patients. This makes the cost of MRI’s, X -Rays etc. so affordable in India, as it reduces depending upon its usage.

Availability of Generic Medicines

India is the biggest market of generic medicines in the world, which supplies these economic alternatives inside and outside the country. These medicines can help patients in cutting down the cost of treatment by 20 to 30 per cent.

Out of Pocket

Medical healthcare facilities are expensive in USA etc.  as most of these countries provide universal health coverage, or their citizens have an active insurance policy. On the contrary, India consists of only 15% to 20% of people who have medical insurance.

5.    How do most hospitals calculate the cost of the procedures?

Most hospitals have a cost distribution structure set at their premise, to pay the salary of the department or the faculty involved in the treatment. The surgeon charges their full fees for the first surgery which is reduced to half or one-third of the total fees, if the patient requires any other surgery, same goes with the rent of operating theater and cost of medicines or equipment used for the treatment. Other components which are counted in the patient's bill include the hospital room rent, medicines used before and after the treatment.

6.    What kind of accommodation options exist in India?

Patients can contact Medmonks to make affordable accommodation arrangements for them at the closest hotels to the hospitals. By using our services, patients will also be able to get additional discounts on their booking. Typically the average cost of the hotels in India starts from 20 dollars for each day.

7.    What is the cost of the medical visa to India? How long do I get the visa for cancer treatment?

The cost of the medical visa to India is worth $85 for US countries which is valid for 180 days. The validity of the visa can be increased if required for treatment, by submitting paying the additional fees at the India Embassy.

Note: The visa cost of different countries is subject to change, based on the law, restrictions, and for the number of days it is being applied for.

8.    How can I pay for medical treatment?

The following  payment modes are accepted at Indian hospitals:

•    Credit/Debit Card

•    Wire Transfer

•    Cash

Patients can pay the hospital in euros, INR, dollars, or pounds.

Note: The limit for cash payment is 2 lakhs in INR and $5000 (per passport).

9. If the money deposited is more than the expenses at the hospital at the time of discharge, will I get a refund?

Depending on the patient’s payment mode, the excess amount will be transferred to the bank which was used for making the payment. In case, the patient had paid in cash, the amount with be returned to him/her during the discharge.

10.    Why does the fees of neurologist and cost of brain tumour treatment vary in hospitals across India?

The following reasons are responsible for this variation in cost:

•    Hospital’s Location

•    Surgeon’s specialities or Sub-specialities

•    Doctor’s experience. How many brain tumour patients has he/she treated?

•    Cost distribution of the treatment at the hospital

•    Medicines/ technology/ equipment used in the treatment

•    The services available at the hospitals

•    Hospital’s Infrastructure

11. Why Choose Medmonks?

Medmonks is an Indian patient management company that provides medical assistance to patients from all around the world, guiding them to the most affordable treatment options according to their condition without compromising with the quality of their treatment.

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