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Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant cost in India ranges between USD 9,500 to USD 13,500.

Kidney Dialysis cost in India starts at USD 120. 

Patients will have stay at the hospital for 10 days and outside the hospital for 30 days for their kidney transplant surgery. Kidney dialysis can be performed on an outpatient basis.

International patients are requested to bring a matching donor, preferably a relative or friend. It is illegal for international patients to use a local donor in India.

Hospital stay for Kidney donor is approximately for 4 to 7 days.

Kidney Dialysis have been proven to have a negative impact on patients overtime, making kidney transplant necessary for improving their life expectant.


Kidney Transplant Cost In India

The following estimate of Kidney transplant cost in India is inclusive of patient’s & donor’s surgery, and their hospital stay.

Kidney Transplant Cost in India starts at – USD 9,500

Kidney Dialysis Cost in India starts at – USD 120 per cycle

Note: Each patient is unique as is their condition, making it difficult to quote an exact cost of their treatment. The cost of patient’s treatment can only be determined after their physical examination at the hospital by their surgeon.

Expenses covered Under Treatment Packages in India

The following expenses will be inclusive of the kidney replacement cost in India offered by our company:

Room Rent

Cost of Surgery

The consultation received from Primary Team during the Package days

Basic Investigations

Routine Pharmacy/ Consumables

Patient & Attendant Food

Expenses exclusive of Treatment Packages in India

The Cost of Kidney Transplant Operation In India are exclusive of the following expenses:

Overstay at the hospital for more than package days

Use of any Specialty Consultations

Use of any special equipment

Additional Procedure/Surgery

Use of any special Blood Components or unique drug

Affordable Cost of Treatment in India

Kidney transplant cost in India is affordable because of the following reasons:

Cost of HR

The cost of human resources is affordable in India compared to other countries. Indian hospitals share merely 25% of the total treatment cost with their surgeons, doctors and nurses, while hospitals in France credit 85% of the treatment cost to their healthcare professionals. 

Law of Volume

Medical machines and instruments are used more frequently in India than any other country because of the vast population. This causes their value to decrease making the cost of diagnostic tests more economical in the country. 

Availability & Accessibility of Generic Medicines

Generic medicines are an affordable alternative to overpriced medicines. They are easily available in India, making it easier for international patients to access them, that helps in reducing their overall expenses. 

Out of Pocket

Majority of Indian population doesn’t have medical insurance, and hospitals are obviously well-aware of this fact and construct treatment packages which can be afforded by the majority of the population. International patient benefit from these packages which are 3-5 times more affordable compared to medical care in their countries.

How is Treatment Cost Calculated?

The cost of any treatment is calculated by adding up the rate of the machines, equipment and resources used at the hospital with the fees of the healthcare professionals involved in the procedure. Initially, the full cost of these expenses is charged from the patient, but if another surgery is required their cost or fees is reduced to half (50%) or lower based on the cost allocation system followed at the hospital.

Accommodation Cost in India

India consists of some of the most affordable lodging options which start at just USD 20 per day. This affordable price helps patients and their attendants to stay in the country for phased treatments like kidney transplant in India which requires 30-40 days stay in the country.

Using Medmonks patients can book accommodation options near their hospitals eliminating need to travel.

Cost of Medical Visa to India

The cost of a medical visa to India varies for different nationalities. However, for most countries, it varies between USD 85 – USD 107 for 60 - 180 days.

Patients can also avail medical e-visa that has a validity of 30 days at USD 35.

Patients can also contact the Indian embassy to extend their medical visa, if their treatment requires more time, by submitting the additional fees and the documents at the hospital.

Acceptable Payment Modes at Hospitals in India

Patients can use the following payment modules to pay for their medical treatment in India:

Cash (Euros/ Pounds/ Dollars/ Rupees)

Wire Transfer

Credit/ Debit Card

Note: The limit for making cash payment is up to 2 lakhs for rupees and USD 5000 per passport.

Patients are recommended to contact Medmonks before converting their currency or making the payment at the hospital.

How will patient get a refund?

After bill charges have been deducted from the deposited sum, the additional amount will be refunded to the patient via their original mode of payment. If the deposit was made via wire transfer, it would be transferred in the same account, and if it was deposit cash, the additional amount would be refunded to patients in cash at the time of their discharge.

Variation in Treatment Cost

The fees of surgeons and kidney transplant cost in India vary in across hospitals because of the:

Hospital’s Location (Metro/ Rural/ Urban)

Additional Specialization of the surgeon

Experience of the surgeon & other healthcare professionals at the hospital

Cost Distribution system at the hospital

Facilities available or use by the patient

Additional procedure performed on the patients

The technology used in the treatment

Medicines or special components utilized during the surgery


Medmonks is a medical tourism company which is designed to assist international patients in receiving the best treatment from the top hospitals and doctors in India at the right price. The company manages all the expenses, bookings, and appointments for the patients, in advance and create a treatment schedule for them so they can relax and recover.

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