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Prostate Cancer Treatment

Cancer which develops in the man’s prostate which is a small gland that produces the seminal fluids. The cancerous growth in the prostate gland causes the patient to experience a problem in their reproductive organ and its functionality.

In most cases, it is difficult to detect prostate cancer because of the lack of symptoms experienced in its initial stages. We recommend, readers to go for regular checkups to detect any lump around their prostate area. Cancer treatment can go on for an extended duration, depending on the type of treatment being use or the cancer stage of the patient, that can make it an expensive procedure. Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India starts at only $3000 that allows patients to fight back cancer at an affordable price.


Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost In India

1.    What is the Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India?

The cost of prostate cancer treatment cost in India might vary depending on the approach used for treating the patient.

Cost of Cancer Surgery in India – starting from $2900

Cost of Chemotherapy in India starting at $400 per cycle

Cost of Radiation therapy in India – $3500 (IMRT)

Cost of CyberKnife in India –  $6500

Cost of Immunotherapy in India starting from – $1600

Cost of  Hormone therapy in India – $800 - $1000

Cost of Targeted Therapy in India starting from $1000

2.    What are the costs included in the treatment?

The prostate cancer treatment cost in India will be comprehensive of the oncologist/doctor expenses, treatment/medical procedure charges, OT charges, clinic room lease, patient and guardian nourishment charges, cost of medications, and consultations. Packages incorporate the expenses of all conservative and restorative treatment which are performed on the patient for the specified days.

Note: The sum spent on the pharmaceuticals or test outside the healing facilities, amid or after the treatment will not be included in the above cost logistics.

3.    What are the costs excluded from the treatment?

Hospital costs of the patients may increase because of outstaying, undergoing special therapies or procedures, or utilising any unique medications or blood segment.

Note: Use of any additional services outside of the package will be excluded from the treatment package brought by the patient which will demand the patients to pay extra for their treatment.

4.    Why is the cost of medical treatment lower in India in comparison to other countries?

These reasons add to low treatment cost in India:

The salary of HR in India is significantly lower compared other parts of the world which help in reducing the overall cost of treatment.

Law of Volume

Because of the increased population, medical facilities are utilized more frequently in India compared to other nationalities. The frequency at which these machines are used helps in reducing its cost. 

Accessibility of Generic Medicines

Generic medications are easily available and accessible in India, at a much economic cost, that aides in decreasing the expenses of the treatment, particularly on the off chance that we discuss chemotherapy cost in India, which entirely relies upon utilization of anti-cancer drugs.

Out of Pocket

Patients in India still pay out of their pockets for their medical bills because of the lack of health insurance, making it necessary for hospitals to keep their treatment cost affordable so that the patients are able to pay it.

5.    How do most hospitals calculate the cost of the procedures?

The way in which the treatment cost is calculated in each hospital different depending on the experience, specialization, and qualification of the staff and the facilities available there. Usually, in most cases, the full expenses of the medical equipment, OT Charges, anesthesia and surgeon fees are charged during the first surgery. Yet, on the off chance that another medical procedure is required the healing facility and specialist may charge half or one-third of their real expenses.

6.    What kind of accommodation options exist in India?

International patients travel to India because the combined cost of accommodation, travel and treatment India adds up being significantly less than treatment worldwide. The cost of accommodation options in India starts at $20 per day. 

7.    What is the cost of a medical visa to India? How long do I get the visa for cancer treatment?

The cost of a medical visa to India ranges between $85 to $107 for different nationalities. The validity of the visa is given to the patients based on their medical conditions.

Some patients can also travel India on medical e-visa which has a 30-day validity and cost around $35.

8.    How can I pay for medical treatment?

Patients can pay for their treatment using a debit/credit card, wire transfer, or cash (INR/Dollars/Euros/Pounds).

Note: The limit for making cash payment at the hospital is 2 lakhs, and in dollars, it is 5000 per passport.

9.    If the money deposited is more than the expenses at the hospital at the time of discharge, will I get a refund?

The excess amount will be refunded to the patients, using the same mode of payment which was used for making the payment. If the patient paid in cash, it would be refunded to them in cash, and if they used a card or made an online transition, the amount will be transferred to the account which was used for making the payment.

10.      Why does the fees of oncologist and prostate cancer treatment cost in India vary in across hospitals?

The variation in cost is usually caused because of the following reasons:

•    The area of the doctor's facility/medicinal services focus

•    The qualification and expertise of the specialist/oncologist

•    The fees of the medical professionals involved in the treatment 

•    Oncologist's experience

•    Medicines or innovation utilized for the treatment

•    Facilities available at the healthcare center

•    Hospital's Infrastructure

11.    Why choose Medmonks?

Medical tourism is a patient management company that delivers professional care to patients around the world by connecting them to a network of verified doctors and hospitals in India, that can help them recover faster with their decades of experience in the field.  

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