Cost Of Liver Cancer Treatment in Top Countries

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Liver Cancer Treatment

A type of functional abnormality caused because of uncontrollable growth of cells in the outer walls of the liver. Over time this growth creates a mass (lump) of cancerous cells called a tumor. Cancer is a serious health condition, which has better chances of recovery if it is diagnosed in the initial stages. Multiple types of cancer can originate in the liver, most of which are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Several international patients travel to India, for their treatment because of the increased cost of treatment in western countries. The Cost of Liver Cancer Treatment in India starts at a reasonable price of USD5500 only.   

Further, in these FAQs, we will discuss all the factors which make the cost of liver cancer so affordable in India.


Cost of Liver Cancer Treatment In India

1.    What is the cost of liver cancer treatment in India?

Liver cancer can be treated via one or a combination of multiple treatments which include:

Cost of Cancer Surgery in India – starting from USD2900

Cost of Chemotherapy in India – starting at USD400 per cycle

Cost of Radiation therapy in India – USD3500 (IMRT)

Cost of CyberKnife in India – starting from USD5500

Cost of Immunotherapy in India – starting from USD1600

Cost of  Hormone therapy in India – starting from USD800

Cost of Targeted Therapy in India – starting from $1000

Note: The cost of actual treatment of the patient my vary based on their reports and diagnosis.

2.    What are the costs included in the treatment?

The cost of liver cancer treatment in India will cover the following services:

•    Room Rent

•    Cost of Surgery

•    Consultations (within the package days)

•    Basic Investigations

•    Routine Pharmacy

•    Patient’s Food

Note: The information provided here depends on standard data which might change when the patient is inspected physically.

3.    What are the costs excluded from the treatment?

The patient will have to pay additional fees if they use any of the following services:

•    Overstay (additional days spent at the hospital)

•    Use of any special equipment

•    Additional procedure

•    Use of any special drug/ blood component/ supplement

•    Additional Consultation from any other specialist

4.    Why is the cost of medical treatment lower in India in comparison to other countries?

Cost dispersion among Human Resource

The cost dispersion of the treatment among the staff associated with the treatment of the patient is just 25% in India, while nations like France provide 90% treatment fees to their medical team involved in the treatment. This low pay scale of the healthcare professionals in India helps in reducing the overall cost of the treatment.

Law of Volume

The high population rate in India is the prime customer of the hospital equipment and machines, which are utilized 5 to 6 times more than other nations each day. The over usage of medical equipment in India, makes the expense of MRI's, X - Rays and other tests very reasonable in India.

Accessibility of Generic Medicines

India has the biggest market of generic pharmaceuticals on the planet, which supplies these drugs worldwide. These meds can help patients in reducing the cost of liver cancer treatment in India by 20 to 30 percent, especially if we talk about anti-drug based treatments like chemotherapy.

Out of Pocket

Healthcare facilities are expensive in countries abroad because of the availability of private insurance or universal healthcare facilities. The treatment bill is paid out of the government’s pocket in oversea. In India, this situation is reversed, and most patients still pay out of their own pockets which forces the healthcare facilities to create affordable treatment packages. Only 15 per cent people have medical insurance in India.

5.    How do most hospitals calculate the cost of the procedures?

Hospitals calculate treatment cost for each procedure based on the fees of the surgeons and all the other healthcare professionals required for the surgery, including the rent of the operating room and equipment, and cost of the medicines used in it. During the initial surgery, the full cost and fees are charged for the components and the professionals involved in the treatment. Further, if the patient requires an additional procedure, the fees of the surgeon and other components involved is either reduced to half or one-fourth of the treatment.

Note: The cost distribution structure of each treatment is subject to vary across hospitals.

6.    What kind of accommodation options exist in India?

India accounts for some of the most affordable accommodation options that start at just $20 per day, allowing patients and their attendants to find economical lodging services within a few steps from the hospital.

7.    What is the cost of a medical visa to India? How long do I get the visa for cancer treatment?

Medical Visa cost for each nationality is subject to change based on the rules build by the embassies of the respective countries. The average cost of a medical visa to India for most nations varies between $85 - $107, for 180 days.

Patients can also travel to India for their treatment on medical e-visa which cost around $35 and is effective for 30 days.

Note: Patients might also extend their visa, by contacting the Indian Embassy and submitting their necessary documents including the additional fees, if required.

8.    How can I pay for medical treatment?

The following mode of payment can be used for making the payment at Indian Hospitals:

•    Wire Transfer

•    Credit/Debit Card

•    Cash (Pounds/ Euros/ INR/ Dollars)

Note: The patients can only pay up to 2 lakhs in INR and $5000 per passport in cash at the hospital.

9.    If the money deposited is more than the expenses at the hospital at the time of discharge, will I get a refund?

The excess money deposited by the patient at the hospital will be refunded to them using the same mode of payment which they used for making the payment. If the money was deposited in cash, it would be refunded in cash, and in case it was transferred online, the excess amount will be transferred back to the same account.

10.      Why does the fees of oncologist and the cost of liver cancer treatment in India vary in across hospitals?

The fees of oncologist and the cost of treatment can vary because of the following reasons in India:

•    Location of the Medical Facility

•    Oncologist/Doctor Speciality

•    The cost distribution at the hospital

•    Faculty’s Experience

•    Technology and pharmaceuticals used in the treatment

•    The facilities available at the hospitals

•    Hospital’s Infrastructure

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Affordable Cost Of Liver Cancer Treatment In India

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