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Something that I learned from my favourite TV series Suits is that “If you screw something up with your co-worker, don’t sweat it because sometimes the easiest way to say sorry is with some Apology Coffee.” I am afraid to mention that the Starbucks Corp (SBUX. O) and some other renowned and loved coffee sellers like Peet’s in California are under legislation run as they have been selling their coffee without mentioning the cancer warning sign which is against the law of California made in 2010. So, follow the ‘apology coffee advice’ at ‘your or rather the co-worker’s risk. The Ball is entirely in your court.

A not so well known not-for-profit organisation sued around 90 coffee retailers, and Starbucks leads the coven. The base of the complaint was that these coffee retailers have been violating the rule by not warning the customers via information tags that their products have a fair chance of causing cancer to the people.

The California Judge had ruled in 2010 that it is mandatory for the companies in the business of brewing and serving roasted coffee to carry a cancer warning label because of the presence of carcinogenic chemicals like acrylamide and other toxic substances that are present in the brewed beverages due to the famed roasting coffee beans.

Do you measure out your life with Coffee?

Are you also among the ones who judge a restaurant by the bread and coffee?

This news shook billions of coffee lovers as they start and end their days by sipping this so-called drink of the gods or ambrosia.  Although the kick of coffee is pleasing and makes the day for many of us, Cancer is not the disease to overlook. Many individuals switched to coffee from their favourites like Karelia, Kent, Nat Sherman to name a few.

A carcinogen is a chemical substance that slowly and continuously spreads in the body and causes deadly and painful diseases like lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. The choice of consuming these products labelled as ‘potentially’ carcinogenic is very personal, and the age-old adage comes to mind while deciding if I should grab my next cuppa…It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Concerning the people leading or performing in coffee or the consumer foods market like Mc Donald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Café Coffee Day, Peet’s and others should hold the corporate social responsibility of providing the customers with adequate and transparent information.  Providing the awareness regarding the significant ingredients involved, and mention their harmful effects if any not to misguide the consumers irrespective of legislation interference or guidance.

Now, most importantly the customer should play its part by being ‘rational and wise’ with respect to the preference and health advantages of any particular food or beverage that is served in the market. “Know what you are consuming.”


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